655 BC - 570 BC


Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

July 1, 1999 at 1:04 pm


“The One Who will speak, not too many are familiar with. His Name is ‘Jeremiah’.

The world of human life has always been gifted with different degrees of intellect, different abilities to understand different facts of life.

Today as I speak, I would like to speak in a manner and a way and a degree that each person reading My Words would arrive to a higher understanding of the Importance of life, the Love that is instilled in human life, and of course, the Purpose for human life.

We hear men, women and children say their prayers. Some say formal ones, and some just speak the words they feel. There is no part that is not revealed to Us that We do not understand.

Today, at this time in your time, a child of years will make many Commitments, Statements, and it is important that These Words not be dismissed, because the Content of the subject matter is for the benefit of millions of Souls Who, without These Words and the completion of These Words, could become lost in the world.

We hear so many so-called ‘learned’ men and women use their own intentions, dialects, interpretations, to declare points that they feel are necessary to aid others to better understand that life has a continuing pattern.

The world has been Blessed in many ways by The Father’s Will to, at ‘this time’ give Facts, Instructions, Directions, and in many ways, on subjects that are everyday happenings. The world has been Blessed with a Miracle of The Father’s Love through one voice, on many subjects easy for others to understand. It is important that these subjects be translated into many languages, correctly done for the benefit of many Souls that are pleading with The Father for help to aid the one in whom They were given at the moment of conception.

Throughout the world there are so many great inventions taking precedence over what human life is all about, thus ignoring that human life was created to one day be returned to from Where It came, and live Eternally with The Creator.

As man sees progress in the world, the progress man should see is how much all ages of human life are doing, catering to the evil way. It has become worse than the time of another time called ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’. Intelligent men and women do not guard themselves against the frequency of temptations. They ignore the purity of the Soul that is needed desperately.

As We watch humanism take control, ignoring totally the Importance of the Soul, there is not One Here in the Heavens that does not plead with The Father to send to the world Instructions on how they should practice morality, because of the Soul they are the custodian of. It will be the Soul that will be ‘the victim’ of so much immorality.

Mankind talks about love, but in such a general term, not using it as an important facet, first with The Creator; second, for the Soul, That Portion of The Creator within themselves. Immorality flourishes at all times, in all ways, for all reasons that only please the enemy of The Creator, the fallen angel, called ‘satan’.

As We speak instantaneously through one voice, logic must tell mankind that Our Words are The Father’s Will, and must be adhered to in every way possible so that millions of Souls walking with and in a human life, will one day return to The Father in Glory and Divine Light.

Much jealousy surrounds This Gift of The Father’s Love. The little one knows this, constantly ignores it, for she has been instructed in many ways, many times, not to allow any interruption to enter This Gift of Divine Love that is so Far Greater than mankind, in the human mind, can conceive It to be.

There are many learned men who try desperately to ignore What We speak through her, but though time passes and We continue to speak, it is for their sake also, that they must awaken to the Fact that they, too, have a Portion of The Creator within them, and The Creator expects It back in a Pure State.

Today as I speak, I speak with much Love, much Hope for the future to become more pure in mankind’s thinking, actions, abilities and growth, because at this time so many are discouraged by small disappointments, ignoring what a Great Gift of Divine Love human life is, and that What awaits it is Greater than human life can conceive.

As I leave, I bless all who write My Words and who will read My Words. May The Father’s Will be your will, and may It be constantly obeyed for the Souls you come in contact with every day. So be it.”