Saint Joseph,
The Holy Spirit

Saint Joseph, The Holy Spirit

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 27, 1999 at 1:06 pm


“This Gift of Divine Love that bears My Name is a Gift handing to mankind Important Degrees of Instruction, because of the Importance of human life.

At This Time The Father Decreed My Name to be announced openly, publicly, because of the Importance of what His Spirit means to human life. Yes, I Am The Holy Spirit, and in My Way I am in all areas of human life.

You live in a time wherein so much attention is being paid to all things that are impure, unjust, immoral, indecent, due to the fact that the enemy of The Creator and of all human life dares to fight to capture the Souls that are so Important, because each Soul is a Portion of The Creator, unseen but obviously present.

My Words are given for many Reasons, because at this time throughout the world, the enemy of all that is Pure, Just, Sacred, Important, is attacking in many, many, many ways. The instrument under attack is of course human life. I call it ‘an instrument’, because it is an instrument designed by The Creator to have abilities beyond what any other living matter or thing is the custodian of.

The human mind is a Gift of Divine Love, because through the human mind, an individual has the ability, the privilege to make choice of what is correct, what is incorrect, what is pure over what is vile, what is necessary over what is unnecessary.

I could go on and on and on through This Gift that bears My Name. All that has been delivered must travel to all races, colors, creeds, because this is ‘the only place’ that is delivering so much Valuable Information and Love for human life.

My Words must be remembered because, do not forget, I Am The Holy Spirit of The Creator. Many will not believe This Fact, This Statement of Truth, but nonetheless, it is important that as each one looks, or says a prayer to a statue that bears My Name, they are speaking to The Holy Spirit of The Creator of All Things. So be it.”