Saint Francis
of Assisi

1181 - 1226

Saint Francis of Assisi
Saint Martin De Porres
Saint Alphonsus Liguori
Saint Augustine

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 31, 1972 at 7:54 pm



There are Four Saints standing, not in line, but around a well. The One Saint turns around and He smiles. This Saint is Saint Francis of Assisi.


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, as I speak through the physical part of this child, the Words you hear are Mine, the Love that comes through is Divine, and the Purpose of These Words: to show you God’s Love, God’s Way, God’s Plan, God’s Truth, God’s Generosity, for each of you.

You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, and so few men are willing to recognize this time. In the room where you are now, some of you understand that to be present in a time, to live in this area of way that you do, has many problems for you.

Oh, My children, as I walked the earth, it was not easy in My time. Many men sinned much and they showed weakness all the time. Keep in mind, My little ones, that the evil one, God’s enemy, can only attack you through weakness that you have, through the sins you enjoy. Sometimes there are children who feel quite strong in certain areas until the evil one comes through, and then he says, ‘Enjoy yourself; do not waste your life.’

Right now children are not being taught the beauty of self-discipline, the practicality of it, the need for it, and the beauty it is. Children are being allowed to do all things as they see fit. Now there must be a change in direction, for if things do not change, much harm will come to these children. When I speak of children, I do not mean just those of young age; I mean children of all ages, of all sizes, of all colors, of all creeds.

I speak loud through this child, I speak firm through her, and I say, ‘God has given you The Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph to make you alert to the beauty of your physical way.’ This, My children, is Sainthood. Keep the Goal in mind and keep the Beauty of the way with you at all times.

Many children have received harsh Words from Me through this child, only to go on to desire Sainthood in a great way. I say to you on this night, as you leave this dwelling place, ‘Go with an open heart, an open mind, to God’s Way.’

I, on this night, give you a prayer to say. Keep it in mind as you go your way:

‘Dear God, let my body act as You Will it to act. Let my mind think how You Will it to think. Let my tasks be Your Way, Your Desire for me, and let my Soul reach You in Eternity.’ So be it.”

“My beloved children, I am Saint Martin de Porres. Nowhere in the History of man has a child been chosen as this one has. You are aware of the time of the arenas, when children were fed to the animals there. You would speak of them as Victim Souls and you would dread to follow them.

On this night and other nights, you are in the presence of a Victim Soul. It is true, My children, you are not lions and you are not soldiers like them, but the circumstances are similar, if you will but think about them. As this child is used by God, proving to you her love for Him, your mind, your heart, your way, could criticize, could dislike, could hate. Would this not be foolish in your day?

I stand Here in the Heavens, and when This Great Miracle was announced to Us, that It would take place, there was a joy among Us I cannot describe in your way. We knew then that man would begin to grow in God’s Way, and man would begin to learn the Purpose of the physical way.

I give you a prayer on this night, as the beloved Saint Francis did, and I say, ‘Remember it as well as you can and say it as often as you can.’

‘Dear Father in Heaven, bless my way. Take care of those who I love, and as You do, direct their Souls to You and never let them stray. And as You do this, oh, my God, please keep my love in mind, and help me do Your Will all the time.’ So be it.”

“My children, I, too, stand at the water well with Other Saints, and as I stand Here, I listen to Their Words through this child to you. I am Saint Alphonsus Liguori. My path in the human way was not an easy road. I, too, had to walk it day by day. The sorrow I felt, the sadness I felt, and sometimes the humility I had to bear, was in many ways my strength to Here.

When those you love do not show love for you, pray; pray that you will grow so in love with God that you will lead them to Him all the way.

Children are not learning the act of humility. They are not seeing the beauty of obedience, and so few times penance is spoken of. These are things that, through This Great Miracle of Love, through This Great Miracle of Hope, man is learning, for you see, This Miracle has been given to the world for Souls to one day come Here for All Eternity. A foolish man denies himself Pure Faith. A wise man says to God, ‘Teach me the way.’

As I stand Here it is only a Vision, but in reality, it is God’s Way to get your attention, to show you His Love and to give you hope for every day. So be it.”

“I am the Fourth Part of the Vision this child now has. I am Saint Augustine.

Many men thrive on stubbornness. Many men say, ‘I have a strong will, I know what I want and I will do it,’ but what this man forgets to add is: ‘God’s Way’.

Right now, there are so many men in the world who are determined to gain acclaim, who are determined to do all things so that other men will notice them, acknowledge them, accept them. Oh, My children, keep this in mind each day: Love first, God; be aware of Him and allow yourself to serve Him, and when you get in the habit of doing this, you will find joy, peace, contentment, tranquility, hope, love, and yes, Light.

Right now in the world there are many children running around, saying they have charismatic gifts. Not so. They have imaginary gifts and they are using these imaginary gifts to touch others, and what they truly want is to satisfy their own pride, their own ego. Oh, My children, keep this in mind: God knows your weakness. God knows your strength, and the only true power that any man has is in his will, and that is to accept truth or to accept untruth, to do God’s Will or to walk away.

At the moment of conception each child has a Soul, has a body, has a Guardian Angel and has a will. God does not put these things in after the birth of the child. The child is whole from the beginning to the end of the physical life, and so many men are walking around, saying that this being is nothing. Not so, and more and more children are being deprived of the physical way to God. My children, Sainthood is the Reward of the physical way. Can you not see this?

I bless you with God’s Love and I bless you with Faith, and I say, ‘You have truly been Blessed on this night, God’s Way.’ So be it.”