Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph
Our Heavenly Mother
Our Lord

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 8, 1974 at 7:58 pm


“My beloved children, I truly am from The Divine. I am a Saint in the Heavens. I would shout through this child openly on this night, but in the physical way, the exhaustion she has is far beyond repair today and tonight. I am Saint Joseph.

There is no Miracle in the world such as This Miracle of Mine. There is no Miracle in the world so Divine. There is no Miracle in the world so direct to men. There is no Miracle in the world with such courage to tell men of the heresies all around. Keep this in mind.

Do not forget that to stand in truth, you must stand against all things that are bad. You must stand and say that heresy is here, and those who feel they have the power, watch out, you don’t have. I, Saint Joseph, say to you: ‘I warn you on this night that if you feel you have the power to heal, you don’t have. Watch out for satan, for many times he tries to reveal to you a personal light, but keep in mind, where pride is, he is; where ego is, he stands.’

No man in the world has the Power to create. No man in the world has the Power to hold the universe in place. No man in the world has the Power to draw from the world the means and the manner to make a Soul. Keep this in mind.

And also, My little ones, I say to you from The Divine, that as you are flesh, He created it; as you are mind, He created it; as you stand upon the earth, He has given the means and the manner and the way for you to do it; and, as you are in a position of just waiting for Him to help you or to end it, keep in mind, that only He has the right. You do not have it. Men do not have rights. They have privileges, and the way of the human is a privilege. Hold it close and hold it tight.

I hold the child deeper for you did not realize that what she was in, was ecstasy. It has to be this way. And those of you who are present here on this night, do not look up the meaning of ‘ecstasy’, for men do not understand it. They cannot describe it as it truly is. They are aware of degrees of it, but even to speak in it has to be directed from The Divine.

Sometimes children ask The Father if they might walk for Him. Sometimes children say to The Father, ‘Let me be strong.’ Sometimes children say, ‘Let me have power, so I may work solely for The Holy Trinity,’ but what these children do not know is that it takes obedience, trust, humility, and yes, love for The Divine. So many children are walking the earth, feeling they have the Power of God, with God, and in His Way. They do not. And many of these children are very good children, but they are misled by a lack of humility within themselves.

I, Saint Joseph, truly speak through this child on this night and I say, ‘The number, I could count very quickly, present; but the Seeds that have been dropped tonight could be a total amounting to billions, but you see, the human mind cannot absorb Each Word in the directness They are, in the fullness They give, and in the proportion They serve, when They come through This Miracle that bears My Name, for the whole world to better understand the Realm of Heaven, God’s Way.’

I burn the child’s eyes with Love, the Love for Him. I clear her vision with the tears, tears of Love for Him. That is what you would see if you looked at her now; but, in reality, the water in her eyes is because He loves each child so much that the sins that children have, hurt Him. So as I speak through this child at a moment in your time, in a way you understand, and yet It is from The Divine, I say to you: ‘Be careful how you walk. Be conscious of whom you walk with, and yes, be aware of those with whom you talk, for many times they can lead you to great sin.’

There are so many reasons for This Miracle. There are so many Facets of It, but through this child who trusts in the Will of The Father, who is obedient to His Way, stands in your day open to it, the world must better understand the privilege that it is to be man. The world must better understand The Commandments that He gave, the meaning of each one, the responsibility to each one, and the purpose each one is, has.

Children throughout the world must better understand the meaning of The Holy Eucharist, for It was instituted for man. Oh, My children, do not forget that through the marriage state came the Priesthood way, the religious path, and so, as you walk in the world, no matter what path you took, keep in mind, the path is important to God, for He wants you to return to The Divine. And keep also in mind, that the Seeds that pour forth through This Great Miracle that bears My Name, the world is to better understand the Praise due Him each day.

Keep in mind these favorite Words of His: ‘In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost as One,’ for in this little act of love, He responds, for there is recognition in it far beyond what man knows, and in saying this small prayer, your love for Him will grow. Faith will never diminish as long as you say this small prayer. And don’t forget to add to it:

‘Dear God, I hold You dear. I love You with my whole being. I thank You for this life. Please protect me every moment and help me to know what is right. Help me to express to others, whom I love and whom I know, the beauty of the privilege of the human role. Let me be example, let it show; and let the world not give me acclaim, but let me be example for You in Your Name. Let this small prayer, The Sign of The Cross, be such an open way that all men who see me do it will think of You right away. Let me, in this small act of love, express fully my love for You each day. Dear God, I love You.’

That is all you have to say; He will do the rest. Keep this in mind, for you are a child to Him Who is Divine. In the eyes of man, remember, you have grown, you have aged, and yes, you have accomplished perhaps a goal, but in the Eyes of God, you are always but a child. His Words, His Love are often expressed with the mere beat of your heart, the mere growth of love in you for The Divine, and I, Saint Joseph say, ‘Let the Light be brighter and never let It dim in His Way, for as the Light changes, so might your love for Him in many ways.’

I love you. What more can I say? There are Many Saints present Here Who have reached in while I spoke to you. The child was aware. My children, keep in mind, the prayer.

And now a Loved One awaits to speak to you through this child who must wait, who does not hear Our Words as you do, but through the listening of her Soul, We reach you. No better way to explain This Miracle of Mine.

There is not a child in the room who could truthfully say tonight that this small prayer, they already knew, could lead them Here to have His Face in view. The child will tell you what she sees. It is a beauty to behold, a Vision with the Soul, that will remain.”

There’s a group of, they appear as children. I would say around eight, nine. They seem to be growing, not in number but in size, and Our Lady appears in the midst of them. Her Beauty is radiant. Her dress is shining like emeralds, and yet all I see is like the glistening of the facets. The dress is beautiful. There is a Crown on Her Head with all emeralds. I could never count them.

Just above Her, to the right over there, is Our Lord; and His garment is white, and the Crown on His Head, not thorns but it appears like rubies. The gown is glowing and there’s a Great Light shining from it, and the rubies are shining. And He’s smiling. It’s not a rainbow but it’s all diamonds. Oh my! And the diamonds are all different colors. It’s like yellow diamonds, blue diamonds, white diamonds. They all have a tint in them, and These are the Souls. Oh my! I could not love you this much. No man could.


“My beloved children, I am your Heavenly Mother. My Son, Who is My Father, has requested I say Words direct to you so that you will better understand this Vision through man is truly for you. The children who stand around My garment are never blinded by the Glow of it, the Shine of it, but the Power that surges through Me strengthens them in ways you cannot know.

Oftentimes I have appeared in the world to different children. Men have abused these children in many ways. Many men, in abusing the children, delayed many Visions that should have taken place. Why it is so difficult for man to understand how The Father would work is sadness Here Where I am. If He were to come as so many men desire Him to, the physical could not stand the Power that He Is, and do not forget, it is not yet time to view Him until Judgment from Him, by Him.

I have shown Myself through this child tonight in this manner, for do not forget, the green of My garment is not just meant for the emeralds in the ground, but much of the sea is green, and I truly love the sea; for, do not forget, My Son chose men from the sea to work for Him, and it was through the sea that many times repast came from it. There are many beauties in the sea, many reasons for it. The strength of its weight, the power in its waves, the way it changes to balance the land, is more special than any man knows.

The Crown the child has described is a Crown of gold, a Crown of jewels, and yet, from this Crown radiates My Love for you, for as I am your Heavenly Mother, I am The Heavenly Queen. My Son made it so, because of the way I walked the earth in the human role.

It is easy to scandalize, it is easy to be uncharitable, but on this night I say to you, ‘The Diamonds in the rainbow, One of Them is your Soul.’ Remember this as you go. Whether you be a Diamond that has a tinge of color in It, do not let this bother you. Just be concerned that That Soul will always glow in Heaven, so That Soul that He gave you at the moment of conception, will spend All of Eternity with The Holy Trinity.

My Father, Who was My Son, wants to speak to you. And, as I look into His Eyes, I say to you, ‘Do not forget that He, too, though Divine, has a physical sight to Him.’ This must spur you on for the Soul He gave. This must teach you His Love for the human body that He made. He wants to talk. He wants to teach. He wants to show you His Love, and through The Miracle of a Son with Whom He walked the earth, He stretches out His Hand and says, ‘Men should never be afraid of martyrdom.’


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, there are many things I desire to speak of on this night. Do not try to analyze This Miracle of Light. Do not try to categorize It and do not put It on the shelf, to forget what It has taught you; but remember Every Word you can with the capacity I have given, and be aware that This Miracle of Hope is for the whole world.

The Crown of jewels on My Head are to show you and to remind you of the Blood I shed to save you. Children are arguing at this moment, ‘Could This Miracle be true?’ They argued, when I walked the earth, of many things; and much injustice was shown. Men tear apart the languages. Men say, ‘This Word means something else,’ but I, The One Who walked the earth, speak to you of Truth.

Ask yourselves on this night: How much courage do you have? How much truth do you follow, and when was truth told by you last? How many lies, how many sins were you involved in today? How many times do you sin, and how few times do you pray? How many times do you say, ‘I’ll wait another day’?

You know, My enemy is constantly on the alert to you, constantly tempting, constantly alerting your way to him. Do you force charity on others and neglect it yourself? Do you reject The Holy Eucharist because of scruples, or because of your lack of self-discipline? Do you refuse My Entrance into your heart, or do you follow anyone?

The child sighs with a Beauty I portray to her. The gown I wear is glowing so bright and My Heart reaches out through it as a Glow of Light. It is better to be called a fool by man — remember this — and see this Light, than to be acclaimed by man as wonderful and never see the true dawn of Light.

There are so many children in the world who are straying. It is sadness to Me Here. They want a power on their own. They want to govern other men. But I say to you now that when I walked the earth with man, as Man, there was great sin then; but as I walked, I taught that men had to have self-discipline.

And now again, tonight, I say as I once did to men one day: ‘Be aware of humility, it is strength; for keep in mind, I, The One Who created you, come down to you tonight from The Divine. If you think about it, it is Humility.’ I, The One Who gave the physical life, come to you tonight in understanding and in hope that you will not think it a joke. It wasn’t then, it isn’t now, for the creation of man is a beauty to behold, and do not forget that every cell of your body is under My Control. The only power that you have is the will. And on this night, with the Light of My Heart, I suggest that you use the will to follow right, to stand in truth.

I bless you with the Light of My Heart. I bless you in a way you cannot know, and I bless you with the desire to one day have your Soul. So be it.”