Saint Alphonsus Liguori

1696 - 1787

Saint Alphonsus Liguori
Saint Athanasius
Saint Anastasia
Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 3, 1987


“The world may ask, ‘Why would The Father choose a woman to speak when the woman says women do not belong on the Altar?’ There are many reasons for such a choice, not all available to the world.

There are Many of Us Saints Here, Who speak continuously through her, to give Direction, to give Instruction, and to give those who listen the strength to grow, better understanding what Holiness is all about.

I am Saint Alphonsus Liguori. I speak to you on this night, and it is true I walked the path of the Priesthood, a vocation dedicated to serve, to honor, and to direct children of all kinds to The Father’s Way.

I worked long hours because it was my will to do so, and in my work it was not just for self-satisfaction, it was to be able to serve to a greater degree The Father’s Will, because I feel and I felt that at a given time I realized the Magnitude, the Beauty of The Beloved Holy Trinity.

It was important for me to do what I did at the time I did it. Perhaps I was not easy for other men to understand, but that did not really cause me to change my way, my plan.

Many stand with Me Here tonight. We All walked a different way, but Some of Us you have read about and certain words regarding Our life are imprinted upon your memories.

One stands with Me and will speak. He is not a Saint of your time but of a long time ago. He spoke openly in His day and He wrestled with, He tangled with, and in His perseverance fought a battle that, in many ways, you are in today.”


“My sons, I am Saint Athanasius. I fought heresy. The world, in the time in which you live, has so much heresy, and it is a time difficult to speak to those who are in charge, because they put their authority, their responsibility in how they want to handle things above the needs of the people, but in their ignoring what is happening they are allowing more heresy to develop, to enter, to control, and yes, to diminish the beauty of Truth in which The Father is above all things.

Men, women and children are being led in many ways of hypocrisy. Many men fear altercation, many men fear someone who is defensive for what they feel is correct. It is difficult to fight those in authority, but along with this difficulty I say, ‘It is necessary to stand up for what you know is morally sound and is pleasing to God.’

Sometimes men, women and children are faced with personal disgrace if they speak offensively, but sometimes it is the only way to get a point across when the other person or persons are defying what is truth, what is sound, what is logical, what is moral, what is correct.

Another will speak. My Words I want you to remember, for My Words are Words of Value, My Words are Words of Sound Direction.”


“I am Saint Anastasia. I have spoken many times through this woman in the world. I have spoken on different subjects, I have spoken lightly, but I come to you on this night and I say: ‘It is important for you to understand that as a warrior for God you are not alone. You are never alone when you stand for what is correct, what is truth, what is just, what is honorable, for the good of your own Soul or the Souls of others.’

Bear in mind that as you stand in one form, there is a Purpose to this form, a Reason for it, and you must help this form rise to Sanctity. You can do it. It has been done before. It will take time, energy, respect, dignity, honor, and service to The Father above all things.

A Great One wishes to speak, and as I bow My head to Her I say, ‘Never ignore the Magnitude of Her Existence, the Value of Her Words, the importance of loving Her, and the Grace received in the mere thought to Her.’


“I stand in the midst of Many Here in the Heavens, Those Who walked, Those Who struggled very much, in ways that you perhaps might have to struggle in your day, but as They stand Here Where I am, there is not One of Them that could not, would not say, ‘Heavenly Mother, if I had but known the Reward for living a life upon the earth the way The Father planned it for Me, I would have knelt day and night in prayer, in service, in charity.’

As I leave you, My children, on this night, I say with a Mother’s Love: ‘Do not deny your Soul the Goal The Father intended for It. You have the control, you have the will, and when things within you feel weak, you feel tired, remember All The Saints Who have spoken through This Great Miracle, and then say a prayer that one day your name will be among Them. I, your Heavenly Mother, want you to know it can be so.’ So be it.”