“Fact Versus Confusion”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 1, 1978


“If change is practical, logical, wise, and protective of solemnity, respect and Spiritual strength, then change is good, but why must we take the reverence out of the respect in reference to kneeling when we receive God in Holy Communion?

Why have we replaced our humility with arrogance, indifference and boldness?

Why cannot men see the beauty of humility in The Sacred Host being placed upon our tongue?

The mass confusion in the manner and way that men are approaching the Greatest Gift in the world, receiving The Body and Blood of Christ, is outright slanderous, and in some cases, obvious desecration.

If people truly feel that they have the ‘right’ to accept in their hand The Very Sacrifice that was given to us by God Himself, Which is Himself, they lack Faith and belief that God The Son truly walked the earth, taught for a Great Reason, and died for a Great Purpose. Their Faith is based on humanistic values, not God-given Truths.

It was evident at the Last Supper, when the Apostles were the privileged men to learn about and be a special part of the distribution of This Gift He was about to leave. Why did not Christ Himself invite thousands of other men, if He didn’t want to limit this privilege to the vocation of the Priesthood?

It is sad but true, when things of value are accepted with little dignity, little respect, little care, a lackadaisical indifference is felt by others and is picked up down the line, creating a totally different attitude toward a very special thing, object or person. This is happening in Holy Mother Church.

It is understandable that priests would want to share the responsibilities of administration, but it is not understandable that they are so ready to share and to give up the privilege that God gave them one time a long time ago. Some men, in their determination to develop a humanistic value on this Great Gift, treat It symbolically, not realistically, for the True Magnitude It is.

At the Last Supper, It was most assuredly a symbol, but when the Act of Suffering, of Sacrifice was consummated, It made this symbol take Fact.

It was at the Pentecost that these same men gathered together and realized that this vocation of Priesthood and this Great Sacrifice were united as one. They realized, as they walked with Him in the living form, the world could not stand to be without Him again, and that is why He left this Great Sacrifice, to give strength for men to believe in God, to follow the Truths He had laid down, and to return to Him when their physical ended.”