“Acts Of Love In God's House”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 1, 1978


“Genuflecting to the Tabernacle, bending one’s body in an act of humility, giving respect, honor, love, shows the acceptance of how little a human being is to the Greatness that is There.

The candles in the Church are beneficial because light is hope. The small act of lighting a candle has hope in it, hope that is not seen nor really thought about. It’s almost like asking God to see the light, recognize you, and pay attention to you. That little candle is an Act of Faith, for in the lighting of it, an automatic prayer goes to God, asking a favor or just saying thanks.

The kneelers in the pews draw you to kneel, make you think of prayer, and automatically cause everyone to respond to a Higher Being present there.

Sophisticated thinking concerning these acts of love takes away the actions of love and causes men to feel that to be humble is weakness, when in reality, humility is strength.”