“Crucifix Or Plus Sign”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 1, 1978


“What does a Crucifix mean to you?

Would your Faith increase if you never saw a Crucifix again?

How can a plus sign replace a Crucifix?

What makes men determine that the Corpus on a Cross is unpleasant? Is it their own fear of suffering? Is it their own idealistic view? or, is it that they cannot face the reality of the Importance of This Occurrence?

Why, after two thousand years, do they feel the men in this generation should only see the pleasantries and not the Truth?

Is it their lack of Faith that makes these determinations for all people, or is it a weakness in them that causes them to not accept Holy Mother Church as the One True Church?

Why are they so bent on unifying all churches, knowing they must water down Truth in order to incorporate the beliefs, the values, the standards, the determinations of other churches?

It is time that Roman Catholics make decisions regarding changes in the Church that will diminish man’s understanding of what it took to give men The Holy Eucharist.

It is one thing to respect another man’s religious beliefs, but it is still another thing when we are forced to accept religion of others in the guise of unification, human love, and charity to other men.

The plus sign is a symbol. But the Crucifix is more than a symbol. It is reality of what God wanted us to remember. His Sacrifice was for the good of our Souls, and in this Crucifix we must see the importance of our obedience to God’s Will through the Ten Commandments.

A plus sign does not remind us of obedience to God, but the Crucifix, in its very sight, says Sacrifice, Love, Hope, Charity, Obedience, Truth.”