“Stop Acting As Though God Is Human”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

November 1, 1978


“God does not have habits, imagination, enthusiasm, fears, excuses, desires, propositions, failures, mishaps, interests, talents, illnesses, ambitions, inhibitions, perception, limits, appetites, selfishness, opinions, manners, mistakes. God does not have human deficiencies or human degrees of the human life.

God is Creativity. God is Wisdom. God is the Supreme Being and bears a degree of Magnitude in All Greatness that no man could pinpoint, determine or theorize. God is Immortal. God is Infinite. God is All Powerful.

In our Faith, we must recognize God’s Supremacy and respect our Faith in Him, knowing that our Faith in Him stemmed from His Love for us. Our Faith in Him is a Gift from Him of Divine Love. This Gift must never be desecrated, diminished or destroyed. This Gift is stabilized by God Himself so that we would have the foundation to lean upon and the stability to follow, in an orderly way, for the purpose in which Faith was meant, and that is to return to God for All Eternity.

He gave us The Commandments to live by, formed in such a manner that These Commandments cover every facet of human life. This sound foundation established for men the order God intended for men to walk in. Then, in His Greater Love, He gave us the Temple, the Church, the means and the way, the Teaching. He established for us a Church. He placed within this Church a Tabernacle of Life that, in reality, remains upon the earth to this day. The Formula is God’s. The Format, God’s. The Balance, God’s. The Gift, God’s. The Purpose, God’s.”