“Let's Talk About Vatican II”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 9, 1979


“The broadness of Vatican II shows Protestant influence and much evidence of liberal thinking, opinions and cleverness. It is obviously the written word to justify actions that allow a generous field to express individualistic freedom with the facade of righteousness, and stressing liberalism controlled by Hierarchy decisions.

Copies of Vatican II have been distributed and many people have read the words of Vatican II.

Time has shown that men in the Church theorized, analyzed and acted with Vatican II in mind, but the results we are stuck with are the results of men who took the inch Vatican II implied, and they stretched it, misinterpreted it, squeezed it and molded it, to fit their opinions, their circumstances, their needs, their interpretation, their idea of what they felt it should be.

Many men have leaned upon Vatican II to support change, to support impracticality and to support a lack of Faith. It is time that men in the Church stop theorizing and act to stabilize the Priesthood, giving strength to the faithful instead of trying to change Faith into a conglomeration of symbols, humanizing the Center of Faith, the Core of Faith, God Himself.

We Roman Catholics must know it is not too late to stand up and be counted for truth, in truth, and demand stability in the Priesthood from the bottom of the line to the very top.

Cardinals and Bishops have used Vatican II in ways it was not originally intended for.”