“There Are Answers, There Is Reason, Logic Reveals The Truth, God Is Solution”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 24, 1979


“All people who find themselves wanting to evangelize to other people do not always have the background, the ability or the sound doctrine that is necessary to pass on to others what is good for their Spiritual life.

Evangelism has been put on a wholesale market, putting personal feelings, desires, before a true concept of evangelism.

In listening to all self-made evangelists, note that it is mostly expounding on things that they want others to believe in, to follow. It is not always a well-established format backed by authoritative knowledge. There is much guesswork in self-made evangelists, and of course, there is motive other than Spiritual growth.

Men who are encouraging all men to become evangelistic are encouraging self-made ministers who most likely will not be able to handle, first, the importance of the subjects necessary to cover, and second, the attention of other people thinking that the evangelist has something to offer, something to give them, something to teach them, something that shows the evangelist is superior.

Very few evangelists have the Gift of true direction, the Gift of solid teaching. Many self-made ministers are in it to satisfy their own ego, their own need, their own desire, their own monetary measures. Watch out for self-made evangelists. It is a category of pronouncement and announcement that they have the ability, the recognition to pass on to others what is good for other people’s spirituality. It is one thing to have Faith in God and to express it through charity and by a living example of goodness, reaching for purity, but it is another thing to take upon one’s self the direction for human spirituality for the good of each man’s Soul. The Soul must be taken into consideration in every walk of life. Permissiveness, promiscuity, cultism, destroy the Beauty of the Soul.

When the physical has a bruise, a cut, a disfigurement of any kind, it is immediately noticeable. When the Soul takes the brunt of immorality, for the most part the only outward sign is in the person’s actions, reactions, and lack of Godlike example. The Soul is the Most Important Part of our whole being and yet is the most abused Part of our whole existence. Along with the abuse our Soul takes, It is the most misunderstood Part of our whole existence.

How many times have you said to yourself, ‘I pray but I feel nothing; I want to know what God wants of me, I want to know that God is there and hears me’? Plea after plea, cry after cry, outburst after outburst, dilemma, concern, frustration, a personal feeling of abandonment where God is concerned. There are logical explanations to these things.

First, the human part of a human being is stimulated through the senses, through the mind, through environment, through practices, through culture, through nature, through personality, through knowledge.

The physical part of man wants physical answers, physical satisfaction, physical sight of what is happening, physical answers to questions, physical realities to take place, physical solutions, physical involvement.

As the physical desires to have peace and tranquility in all aspects of life, the Soul yearns to have peace, purity, and union with God. The physical wants, desires and needs are associated with our senses, mind, and knowledge. Our Soul clings to the Spirit of God’s Light and God’s Love for Its Life with Him, Its rightful Place, for It is a Portion of Him.

Faith is the link between God and our physical. Faith is the solution. Faith in God is the stabilizer. Faith in God is the union that holds body and Soul together. Faith in God is the balancer. Faith in God is the strength in which, through which and by which, the physical responds to good and rejects bad. Faith in God gives hope. Faith in God demands justice for the physical, instinctively accepting that God will be Just with and in His Judgment of our Soul.

God’s Love is obvious in His union of the physical and the Soul; His Purpose, Ultimate; and His Delicate Manner and Means in which He allows the will of man to act independently, feeling free to make decisions wherein the body and the Soul are separate and yet combined in their Purpose, for the Reason of God’s for the Soul.

As He is a Trinity of Three Divine Persons, He has also made us into a trinity: body — Soul — will.

As the physical is a temporary living part of our whole existence, our Soul will live forever. When we measure time in daily living, we find time short because physical time has a limited span.

To think of time in the manner of Eternity should make us more conscious of That Portion of us that will live for Eternity, either in Heaven or Hell. The awareness of living forever is only associated with our body. It would be wise to ‘wake up’ to our living forever through the Beauty of our Soul. We know the physical will end. It would be wise to accept the Purpose of the Soul, the Reason for the Soul, as God’s Love for each of us. Also, a wise man would pick up the hope and constantly remember ‘Sainthood, my Goal’.

Logic is truth, fact, and real. When something is logical, it is obviously right. Logic has strength. The Soul is the Logical Part of us. Understanding the Soul is a logical reality to us. Working to return the Soul to God is logical.

Be aware that this explanation is logical, and you must resolve any doubts as to whether God hears you or whether God answers your prayers. As He is God, and as He knows all things, as He is The Creator of All Things, He is aware of all things, and we must not rely solely upon our physical attitude or misgivings or wonderings, but we must rely upon God for all things. It is totally logical.”