Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

November 14, 1979


“Have you ever thought of yourself as starving to death? There are many means to starvation, some mental, some physical, some Spiritual. Sometimes, where there appears to be a plentiful amount, there is the greatest starvation going on.

Throughout the world, men have erupted with great emphasis on telling other men about Faith. In many ways these men are not qualified to distribute their opinions to the masses. Due to their lack of understanding what is best for all people, they should keep their informal religious Faith to themselves. By their great expounding on what they feel is the destiny for other men, they eliminate sound orthodox values and standards from their openness when relaying to others what Faith in God should entail.

All things that are God’s have Order, Soundness, Truth, Value, Dignity, and of course, Purpose for the Soul. Wholesale displays of encouraging people to believe in what individuals say has a definite mark of ‘starvation’ in its delivery.

A starving nation is without food. Spiritual starvation is a lack of sound judgment, correct teaching and direction, and definitely lacks the stability that God intended Faith in Him to be. There can be a field of food being grown for man’s benefit, but if this food is contaminated with some source of poison or chemical that would be harmful to the body, then this field of food is a useless commodity. So it is with so much religion being demonstrated and used to direct men’s Faith in God.

It is difficult to make men see they are suffering from starvation when they feel an emotional impact to what they are hearing, causing them to react inside. They confuse the emotion with Faith. So many times men will fight for what they feel, rejecting the soundness of truth, fact, and reason. All through the History of man there have been untrained men who feel the urge to direct other men in the Spiritual portion of life. Some had good intention and yet failed miserably in their own life, because they could not uphold their own standards of morals in living. Some went into the practice of teaching and healing totally for monetary measures.

A wise man does not follow such a man. A wise man sees to it that the religion he binds himself to must be of God’s Will, for a wise man sees his own Soul as a Special Gift from God with Great Purpose to It. Men instinctively know there is more to the physical life than just living for a given time upon the earth. Some try to ignore this, because they do not want to partake in the responsibility of moral strengths, self-control, and the discipline necessary.

Don’t let other men guide your Faith in God if there is one ounce of untruth in their direction. Let no man tamper with the Goal God has set for your Soul. There is no need for any man to suffer Spiritual starvation. Sound Faith, sound Direction is free to all men born to the world.”