“Charity Began With God”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

November 14, 1979


“Charity is not looking down at someone, but using words or action to create or establish a solution to the situation that calls for an act of charity.

Charity is putting one’s self out for another person. Charity is taking time to explain. Charity is sometimes letting the other person have a chance to show their talents, ideas, worth or plans.

Charity is in every era of History. Charity among men has been a necessity and privilege. Charity is one of the most abused facets of our way of life. It is often mistaken to be only in the form of giving a material thing to another human being.

Charity has many facets to it and each of these facets are parts of our daily living, expressed through our attitude, our actions, our speech, our prayers.

Charity is so voluminous in value that if we were to concentrate on charity, it would be a major step to purity.

Our attitude is responsible many times in displaying our personal thoughts on charity. Our attitude projects our personal feelings, our response, our likes, our dislikes, and our goals.

Charity is not depriving one’s self of comforts or possessions. Charity is sharing, serving in dignity, but it is even more than this. Charity is our justice to others. Charity is our understanding. Charity is sensitivity to their needs, not being critical. But, when charity lacks justice, it is devious, deceitful, selfish and egotistical.

True Charity is never a waste. It multiplies, divides itself, and penetrates distances nothing else can.

God is our Greatest Example of Charity. He created us so that one day we can share Heaven with Him.”