“Watch Out”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

November 15, 1979


“What amount is on the price tag where your Faith is involved? They say every man has his price. They mean this for every facet of life. Watch out! Satan is fully aware of man’s actions, dependencies, weaknesses and impurities.

It would be total disaster to put a price tag on one’s Faith in God. Many times men bargain with other men where a decision must be made in actions that involve purity and impurity. What makes men weaken? Is it greed? Is it gluttony? Is it lust? Is it a lack of self-discipline? When there is question in man’s mind as to which he should choose, the pure or the impure, then satan immediately knows this man has a price tag on his Soul.

This is what has happened throughout the whole world. Men have relaxed their own self-control and they have accepted other men’s norms, opinions, decisions, goals. They have interrupted their logic, their truth, their Faith in God, because they were too lazy to stand up for what they knew, what God wanted of them.

What caused this great influence, this influxion of indecencies, immoralities throughout the world, when men instinctively know there is a God, there are Ten Commandments to live by, there is a Church that God Himself instituted, and there are moralities that must be upheld; plus, there is a Justice of God to face, and the Judgment to endure for All Eternity?”