“What Price Freedom?”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

December 18, 1979


“Man is being priced out of his freedom. America is succumbing to a price tag beyond normal means. The momentum for status, keeping up with others’ standards of life, is creating a bondage of men to other men.

The price of freedom is reaching a point where no man in America, with the exception of ten to fifteen to twenty, will have freedom to live without the control of Godless human beings.

The beauty America once had is becoming lost to a Godless environment covered by the facade of evangelism. Men seek personal gain and wealth, combined with power over other men.

A price tag of monetary measures is put on everything. Men sell their Souls for a salary, and for personal acceptance from other men. There is no resistance to this bondage, only acceptance. There is no sound moral value to its existence, only a sterile concept of what man is all about.

America had dignity in its freedom, idealism in its concept. Its background was cast with adventure, progress, success. This concept has deteriorated. Men shout equality, and in reality it is not equality but submissiveness to those who have the money to control.

Freedom is not totally lost, but how can you get a nation turned around to see the value they have placed on possessing only material things, starving for the dignity of being free?

Americans must wake up. Americans must face reality. Americans must once again look to God and stop fretting over what other men think, what other men have, what other men do, and they must demand that the world accept the American standards and not water down the morale, the morals, the dignity of life, that gives America the place in the world that so many people strive to come to, to learn in, and find refuge in the freedom of this great country.

A price tag in itself is inexpensive, but the price tag can be like the devil’s ‘come-on’, Hell for all eternity.”