Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 6, 1980


“An expression of Faith in God deals with moral values, moral standards, moral beliefs, outwardly recognizing and outwardly acting in a manner that shows realization of what is sound, what is not sound, showing respect to God in front of other people, and in speech, and in using one’s own will to follow a Spiritual life that has pure direction.

Promoting Faith in God is done mostly through example; secondly, through teaching about God.

Involving one’s self in Faith means to be dedicated to a path of life that bears commitment of one’s time, one’s energies, one’s talents, one’s beliefs. It means to use the physical life in an open expression of how one feels, and how much one desires to grow closer to God.

Teaching about Faith is a form of instruction based on the already established facts, giving someone else the foundation, the structure, the formula, in which, by which, through which, Faith was handed down through time; teaching what Faith in God means, what results will come from it, and the purpose for which God intended it, which is, the fulfillment of man to return the Soul to Him for All Eternity.

An act of Faith in God responds to His Rules, His Commands, His Demands for purity. There can be no act of Faith in God without seeing that God, Who created all things in such perfect balance, had to have a right and a wrong to things, a good and a bad to things. In His Generosity of this balance, logic would say He would have laid down Rules to abide by, to show man the difference in things where men would have to act, react and respond in a charitable way towards Him and towards other men.

Even in a savage, there is a deep-rooted sense of what is right and what is wrong, perhaps not understandable to a civilized world, but the environment of the savage creates a need, also a self-survival attitude, necessity and instinct.

Many would say, ‘How can a savage feel there is a Greater Power?’ Survival of the fittest portrays a human instinct, a human need, a human desire, and a human hope. To respond to what is obviously harmful, neglectful, or out of focus to an individual, civilized people have the advantage, but even in savages there was a code of ethics.”

“Thank God For The Ten Commandments.”