“A Beginning Of A Promise”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 13, 1980


“Though Lent infers and even radiates a great unhappy event, we must look at Lent as a time when we make great effort to concentrate on God, working to show Him how thankful we are for what Lent truly means.

Lent is a time to imitate Our Lord in acts of sacrifice, self-denial, using these things for the good of our Soul. During Lent, if we fail to carry on, or carry through our small acts of sacrifice, we must not despair and feel we shouldn’t continue. Small failures should encourage us to begin again, try harder, and strive to accomplish some act of love in His Name to hand to Him in thanksgiving for what He has given us. There will be an inward joy of having conquered our weaknesses in His Name.

Promise Him, promise yourself, that you will hand to Him Easter Morning, if not a great big gift of love, a small gift of love. Promise Him it will grow every day.”