“Put God Before Yourself”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 5, 1980


“If you put God first in all your thoughts, all your words, all your actions, all your ambitions, all your needs, all your interests, all your feelings, all your wants, all your desires, it is the first step to becoming a Saint.

The most important step to take first, is to decide with your own will that charity will be your way of life, and through this charity, you will concentrate on God first. With this attitude, this decision, this action, there can be no entrance for satan to enter, and none of his demons can cross the threshold to your will within you.

There is no magic word that can cast satan out of your presence except putting God before all things with a pure state of mind, and in a pure state of being. The enemy of God and of man is relentless in gathering weak paths to man’s existence.

A wise man does not go to battle without a weapon of some sort, and a weapon according to the culture of life or the time in life that particular weapons are used. A battle between men makes the weapon one that will harm or kill. The basic weapon, of course, is man’s fists. It would be foolish to stand with mere fists when the enemy was loaded with artillery. In the battle between good and evil, fists in no way could support the good and conquer the evil.

In coming face to face with a human enemy, it has many advantages because it puts things in an area of combat that allows for maneuvering and flexibility to attack the enemy. It is so easy for men to ignore the possibility that they are being confronted by satan, when their morality is attacked, their purity is attacked, their integrity, their dignity, or their obedience to the Ten Commandments, especially when temptation offers self-satisfaction, excitement, or involves man’s ego or popularity.

If man would live, putting God first before themselves and everything else, they could not ignore the possibility of satan’s presence, because by putting God first, purity would be innate, and immediate response would be to strike out at any temptation or request for an impure act or action or involvement.

God’s enemy, man’s enemy, knowing this, works in a desperate way to get inside of a person or people, so there is no chance for attack to him, for all he wants is only action in his name, for him, based, of course, on the fact that the will of the person has become demoniacal in thought, word, deed and action. This is not a wives’ tale. This is not a myth. This is Fact.

Satan, the deceiver, the imitator, the impure, does not show to man the ugliness he is. It would be stupid for him to do this, for if he were to show his hand in his ugliness, man would automatically rebel and not respond. He offers what he feels is interesting, and will interest man’s senses, always based on offenses against God in every way possible for man to fall.”