“Practice Makes Perfect”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 24, 1980


“This is a well-known fact: ‘Practice Makes Perfect.’ Men refer to this saying in work habits, personal habits, artistic abilities, and an ungiven amount of ways to enjoy many things, but few men put ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ where their Soul is concerned.

Prayer can become a beautiful part of our life if we practice our prayer, practice perfecting it, practice all the facets that involve prayer in our life. Prayer should not be just something we do sporadically, but prayer should be as much a part of our life as our personal cleanliness, for prayer is definitely the first step to Spiritual cleanliness.

Prayer is endless in its scope. Prayer is limitless in its measure of pleasing God. Prayer, of course, must contain love for God above all things, Faith in God above all things, Honor to God above all things, and Respect of God and to God above all things. Prayer should not be selfishness, but selflessness. Prayer should be a constant communication with God and All His Heavenly Beings. Prayer should be spontaneous with us.

Along with prayer, we must never omit, that in perfecting prayer, we must consider that prayer is the foundation of purity, and in prayer we reach degrees of earning more understanding of our Spiritual needs, our Spiritual wants, our Spiritual growth, and we become more in tune to the vastness in which prayer can give our whole physical life strength and purpose.

We must keep before us a sign ‘Practice Makes Perfect’, and we must practice to make our prayer more perfect.

Practice in my way of praying will give my prayer more meaning.

Practice in how I pray will give my prayer more strength.

Practice in all areas of prayer will broaden my prayer into acts of charity.

Practice in acts of charity will give my prayer more reality.

Practice in prayer will make me think purity.

Practice in purity will ultimately give me sanctity.”