“My Goal - His For Me”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 13, 1980


“I want to be a success in life. I don’t know in just how many areas I will have to put forth greater energy to reach my goal, but I do know that I do not want to die a failure. I have ambition in certain ways. I have confidence in myself in areas that I feel will be beneficial to becoming a success. I know that I have the aptitude to apply myself in areas that I understand, and in things that I feel will support my aim for success. I have the motivation, and it is true, sometimes I become weary and the motivation dwindles, but something sparks the feeling once again and I begin to think success again.

I know I can be a success in the world in some way, somehow, at something, but I also know that to be a success in the world I will have to account to God for the Goal He set for me. I should learn to combine His Goal with mine.

If I look at this soundly, I will see they go hand in hand, but I should also realize that if I do not find success in the eyes of men, it could have great reason; this of course, His, for He knows how much I can stand, how much temptation I can reject, how much immorality I can be strong enough to walk away from, how many promiscuous instances I can reject. He knows me well, and I must see that as I walk through life headed for His Goal for me, to be a success according to His Will may not include success for me in the world.

As I grow so in love with Him, so deeply aware of what He Wills, I will not be blinded by the success I seek, but strive for ‘Sainthood My Goal’.”