“A Look At Me”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 13, 1980


“When I look in the mirror I see a reflection of me. Sometimes, after I have been with other people, I notice in little ways, their imitation of me, perhaps in a word, perhaps in a gesture, but the moment I see it, I recognize it stemmed from me.

There are many times I see myself as not good company. I fight with myself at these times. I argue with my own lack of ability to feel better than I do, to be able to express more joy than I can, for I allow myself moments of sadness when I should be exerting myself to use all the things that I am, to give hope to others and action in charity.

I see myself one day looking pretty sharp, and then maybe within a few hours I feel bedraggled and see only a dismal view. What happened to me? Why am I acting like this? Why am I not optimistic? How can I change this?

All these moments of concern in anyone’s life can be handled quite easily, as a thought goes to God with a prayer in my heart for things to be seen realistically. Sometimes a prayer in just a thought, sometimes an act of charity, makes things look brighter and clearer to me instantaneously.

In moments of harassment, or I feel I am being nagged, I must learn to curb my anger. I must learn to offer it to God so that I will not retaliate and cause hurt, harm, or even danger.

I must remember that all the times in my life cannot be filled with laughter, but I also must remember that I must share and must give so others will find cheer in my presence and feel it after I have left their presence, when I have gone away. I must always remember to leave a happy thought, a happy word, an example of hope, for then my presence will have been worthwhile.

The responsibilities of life, the chores that are necessary, I must handle with assurance, and I must use these times not just as responsibilities, but as privileges, for then I will feel differently in how I handled them and I will be more eager to solve any problems, for when something is a privilege, it rings clear and has in it worth. Responsibilities also carry this, but when we think of all the things in our life that are necessities as just responsibilities, they become heavy and we see them only as burden.

Tonight, when I look in the mirror, I will see my reflection, but with these thoughts in mind, and a new feeling about how much of God I walked with today, how many times I prayed to Him today, it will give a light to my reflection. And as I lay my head, I cannot help but feel that today has hope in it for tomorrow, for I am growing in so many ways, not just looking at my reflection, but using my reflection and all the things I am to express to everyone I meet, God’s Love for every man.

Now that I see myself in a different light, I can conquer many faults, for in this strength I feel I’ve gained, I am stronger and more willing to face the changes that are necessary to one day make me a Saint.”