“Atmosphere - Environment”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 2, 1980


“What do you contribute to the atmosphere in your home, or any other place you become a part of?

What type of environment do you migrate to when you are out of your daily environment?

These questions are extremely important, and the answers to them by you, will reflect your innermost thoughts, your innermost beliefs, your innate qualities, your innate morals.

Many times people say they wish they were someplace else, or wish they could do certain other things, obviously not in character with the atmosphere or environment they presently live in. Atmosphere and environment are the results of the input of natures, personalities, habits, talents, desires, hopes, needs, tolerances, capabilities, values, standards, of people immediately involved in given areas.

Most times a home is decorated and furnished, reflecting the mood, the taste, the talents, the monetary status, of individuals. The choice of a car reflects a person’s standard of expenditure or limit in not just monetary measure, but in how a person thinks, expensively or frugally, or whether an inner desire to be frivolous is the overpowering effect in purchasing a car.

Man speaks in many ways other than through his mouth. Man expresses many things about himself other than the words he says. Men display their nature and personality, their morals and their standard of life, in the clothes they wear.

The next time you are upset with the atmosphere, the environment, your car or your clothes, remind yourself that with your own will you made the decisions that reflect what you are to not only the whole world, but to God.

Self-pity can become a habit, and a tremendous annoyance to all who are the brunt of this attitude that creates a depressing atmosphere and environment. These type of people are always concerned with other people’s obvious pleasure in what they have, what they are, what they do, what they feel, what they reflect.

True happiness comes from true honesty with one’s self. Honesty by itself can be based solely on a man’s opinion or his own values, but true honesty is based on the justice in all situations. Justice leaves little room for error and justice automatically brings solution, not just conclusion.

There is no need to be full of self-pity. We are individuals, each with a will to make decisions, worthy, honorable and just. Many times it is the injustice based on selfishness, possessiveness, indifference, self-pity, that creates an atmosphere or environment, antagonistic, depressing, lacking motivation.

From now on be mindful that you are not just a participant in an established atmosphere or environment, but your actions, your manners, your participation, your input, reflects in the results and reflects in the whole picture.

Today, as you think back from the time you began the day, what was the atmosphere like? What did the environment do for your life? Was it a day of hope? Was it an interesting day? Was it a fulfilling day? Did you give enough of yourself to help tomorrow’s atmosphere and environment improve your life and the lives of everyone you are involved with?”