“Be Realistic”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 2, 1980


“We try to eat proper foods for the good of our physical health. We know we must get physical exercise for the good of our physical body. We are well aware of the importance of cleanliness of our body, our clothes, and the food we eat. We value a clean house. We clean our cars. We like others to be clean. We find that when things are orderly, there is more tranquility and peace.

Knowing that cleanliness, orderliness make life more pleasant and enjoyable, would it not be logical then to seek these things for the good of our mind, and for the Goal of our Soul?

Purity of our mind is based solely on our moral values and moral standards. We have the ability and the power within ourselves to reject any impurity that passes our way through words from other people, vulgar and crude distractions, and of course, others’ insistence on our partaking in immoral activities. It is within our own power to reject what is impure and detrimental to our Soul.

Let’s take one step at a time in how we can cultivate a manner of life to gain Sainthood.

First, we must become aware of God’s Purpose for each of us and eliminate the distractions that make us vulnerable to others’ opinions, suggestions and intentions.

Secondly, we must turn the awareness into action, desiring to please God above all things.

Third, then we must seek sincere, true honesty in our direction, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Fourth, we must avoid any atmosphere or environment that would tend to encourage any impure thought, deed or action.

Purity of mind, body and Soul is not impossible. It takes action, fortitude, desire. Purity is the result of elimination of all things harmful to life. Purity can be a way of life. Purity can become so much a part of everyday living, not robbing anyone of the fullness of living, but enriching every moment of life because of the Goal in life.

When men seek success, popularity, acclaim, monetary standards above and beyond what many others can gain, there is a drive to perform, to be motivated mentally, physically, against all odds. When the reward is something physical, there is dauntless effort, many times relentless because of the goal to be reached.

If men would realize that human success will die with the body and the mind, but Spiritual success will live on forever, true honesty with one’s self, sincere decency to one’s existence would, without doubt, concentrate on a Forever Goal rather than a temporary success.

Where is the wisdom? Where is the logic in your behavior? A wise man has vision and a wise man accepts the challenge that sound vision incurs.

Remember that Eternity is inescapable. Would it not be wise to ensure your Eternity with the sound development of purity now?”