“Ideals - Idealistic - Idealism”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 8, 1980



“We teach children to have ideals, for in ideals we feel the goals will be sound, good, for their mental, physical and Spiritual way of life.

Ideals sometimes become confused with personal moods, greed, manifesting selfishness, ego, and a lack of true interpretation of the purpose for ideals, the concept of ideals, and the dignity to sound ideals.”


“Sometimes man is so idealistic for everyone but himself. He sets high standards of purity, modesty, knowledge and goal, for everyone else to reach, everyone else to be example for him in, but he never tries, himself, to reach these goals. Everyone else must be perfect. He has excuse, and only excuse, for his own lack of personal commitment.”


“Idealism — a cherishing of fine ideals, but sometimes man falls short when, in reaching the ideals, he does not care who he steps on, what type of approach he takes to satisfy his own methods. He could sin against ten of the Ten Commandments but he is obsessed with the fact that he is on the right track.

Ideals should be based on the standards God gave us to use in everything we are, everything we do, and everything we hope to be a part of. Our ideals should be based on God’s Ten Commandments.”