“Repetition Is Sound Reasoning”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 8, 1980


“To teach thoroughly sometimes takes a strong emphasis on the importance of the subject, giving detail to its basic foundation, its theory, its reasoning, its value, its purpose.

Sometimes a teacher, in emphasizing prime points of a subject, encourages the retention of the student and enables the student to suddenly feel the worth of the subject, and also, the meaning of the subject being taught.

When an instructor becomes emotional, the instructor loses control and also loses the subject, and it takes more time to return to the dignity and soundness of the subject to gain ground in the actual learning that must take place.

Even comedy has its serious side. It has its timing, it has its place, it has its purpose, but in reality, comedy is not always spontaneous. It is well-planned and can be very constructive, but it also has its reasoning and its goal.

Shouting is an attention getter, but continuous shouting closes out in the listener certain facets of what is being said, and sometimes shouting overpowers the subject to a point where only the shouting can be remembered, the theatrics of the shouter, and the emotionalism that shouting expresses.

In The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, All in the Heavens have spoken, All The Saints have issued Magnificent Lessons so that children would better understand what God wanted of them, what was best for their Soul, and how to attain Sainthood. There has been no shouting, no emotionalism, no personal opinion, no demands of another man’s will. Men have been taught to use their own will to better understand how they must seek Sainthood, and in what manner they must use their intellect, their physical and their Spiritual to attain God’s Goal for them. Every man has been taught, instructed and told that his line of decision is his own will.

It is important to recognize These Words and to retrace All that has been taught so that repetitive reading, learning, will instill emphatically and deeply, God’s Will for each man’s Soul. Repetition is necessary to instill so that time cannot easily erase what has been learned. Repetition is like an indelible mark left by pressure of the words, content of the words, and the color of truth in the words. It is like prayer. Repeating a prayer not only implants the words in our minds and our hearts, but they become more meaningful through the repetition of them.

The Ten Commandments should be in our minds, in our hearts, and available to our wills without any delay in recognizing where our line of decision should be immediately.”