“It Is Our Destiny To Become A Saint”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 7, 1981


“Men speak of destiny sometimes in an impractical way, omitting the pure destiny God intended for every man: TO BECOME A SAINT AND SPEND ALL ETERNITY WITH HIM.

People talk of fate. People refer to all mishaps as fate. What about man’s will being the instigator, the promoter, the action that causes the results that men accept as fate? Poor fate; it gets blamed for everything.

Men say, ‘My destiny will be decided by fate.’ Now, if fate were a person with a will, we could contribute all results to the decisions made by this person. Fate is but a figment of man’s interpretation of a situation.

Let us NOT determine that WE ARE NOT in control of our destiny. WE ARE. Our will, our decision, will govern our destiny, and we must always remember, it is our destiny to become a Saint.”