“God Never Closes The Door - Don't You”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 9, 1981


“An introduction to a person, place or thing opens a door of communication. Sometimes this communication develops into a sound relationship or even a way of life. Hopefully the introduction and opening the door to our Soul, in how It really exists, the knowledge that our Soul is a ‘total reflection of our whole being’, will develop within us to a full realization of Its Beauty and Greatness.

A look at such a perfect relationship gives more meaning to life, more purpose to doing God’s Will, and more understanding of the Ten Commandments, why They had to be, why They cover every portion of life, and of course, the Divine Purpose behind Them.

When we approach the Tabernacle in Holy Mother Church, we are aware of a Supreme Presence. This awareness, of course, is our Soul’s Divine Communication with God. It is the Oneness our Soul feels with Him. It is the need of our Soul to be in His Presence.

Our physical and mental abilities and capacities are not the drawing force, but the need of our Soul is so strong that it is through our Soul’s need that we feel our love for God. When things please our Soul, it makes our Faith in God develop beyond our wildest imagination, beyond what a human being, in being able to see or to touch or to feel physically, could develop on his or her own.

Our Soul must be recognized for how important It is and in what a dangerous spot we sometimes place It when we carelessly delve into all that is against God, and we carelessly abuse our bodies, our minds, in refusing to put God’s Will for us above all things.

There are many danger signals. There are many alerts that flash on and off. We must never refuse to recognize any of these when we leave this Retreat. We must constantly remember that we have been instructed in a fuller meaning of what life is all about, and that our Soul is as much a Part of our life as the air we breathe, as the heart we have that pumps our blood to keep us alive. We must never look at our Soul again as Something we do not know, we cannot see, we do not feel, for we would be lying to ourselves and lying to God. Through the Teachings and the Direction handed through this Retreat, we have learned to know our Soul, what It stands for, what It means, and Its Importance to each of us.”