“The Era Of Truth About Saint Joseph”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 12, 1981


“The Revealing that Saint Joseph is in Essence The Holy Ghost should make people look to logic, instead of shock, illogical disapproval or indifference.

It is a Tremendous Announcement that explains so much about so much. It fills in so many gaps of Bible History. It describes such a reasonable purpose for Saint Joseph and such a logical position in a major undertaking as the Foster Father of Our Lord and the Husband of Our Blessed Mother.

History tells us that Saint Joseph died before Our Lord was crucified. The Logic, the Wisdom and Justice of Saint Joseph makes this departing from the earth necessary, for we must not forget that as The Third Person of The Holy Trinity it would have been impossible for God to endure the irrational misjustice of man to Himself, ‘The Creator of man’.

God is Complex and total Mystery. Therefore, we must not become appalled at the Statement that Saint Joseph is The Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is the Reflection and Being of What God is. The known Gifts of The Holy Ghost are few in comparison to the full scope They really are.

Man is only capable of a limited view, analysis and capacity of such a Mysterious Mystical Portion of God. Men are shouting they have The Holy Spirit in them. True, they do, but it is not in the way and degree they are expounding. Their Soul is the Spirit they are recognizing, but even their Soul does not have the Power that God has. It is a Part of God that He has requested be returned to Him through the act and actions of His Ultimate Creation, man.

The great thrust of men and women feeling they have the Power of The Holy Spirit is likened to the time satan decided to be as powerful or maybe more powerful than God. God had to take action and cast him and other angels out of Heaven into a ‘God-created Hell of damnation’.

Our Present Time in History was preordained, and because satan had been with God from the beginning of the world, he knew to a ‘certain degree’ that God, at a given time, would disclose to man the Importance and True Identity of Saint Joseph. This Revealing was to take place when the Church God established and instituted was on the verge and brink of disaster.”