“True Mysticism”

Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 13, 1981


“True Mystics are so God oriented that they are the targets of satan constantly. Being so God oriented, it is difficult for ordinary circumstances to attract or distract a True Mystic. It is also difficult for a True Mystic to condemn a man or situations because the first intention of a True Mystic is for the good of men’s Souls, and of course, the final action is to always take all things into consideration with God’s Will for the individual.

Satan, in knowing this, must be devious, but in a very subtle way, so what is so right and for the good of Souls, he puts a twist in it whereby the moral values of the individual or individuals being used by him presents a moral obligation to the True Mystic to take a firm hand, a firm stand, to the individual, always on behalf of God’s Will for the Soul.

All through time, True Mystics have been the ‘scapegoats’ for many so-called clever and learned theologians and religious fanatics. Our Lord was victimized many times because His Total Being was always ready to absorb any blows that would hit another man to harm him, to destroy him. A True Mystic, in having the power of discernment, is aware but always vulnerable, because men abuse the situation that a True Mystic is the core of, and they put all things on a truly humanistic evaluation, disregarding the True Mystic’s ‘pure stand’ for the good of mankind.

Some men say to a True Mystic, ‘I will obey all your commands, just tell me what to do,’ and the True Mystic says, ‘You have a will, you know you must stand for what is morally correct, morally sound, morally pure.’ And the one who asks for help disregards the ‘beauty of this choice’ and wants to be as a leech to the True Mystic so no blame or consequence can be placed on himself or herself.

These are Facts.”