Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 25, 1983 at 10:30 am


“Man instinctively puts boundaries on all things. He associates boundaries to control, ownership, or separating people, conditions, ideals, forms of government control, and many other forms of distinction that have reasons pertinent to the boundary conditions.

God is Boundless. God has no favoritism over one man than another man. God cannot be cut out of the lives of people by boundaries made by man, separating people, conditions, or whatever reason makes the boundary necessary.

We are dealing with an Unlimited God, a Boundless God, a God of All Wisdom, a God of All Power, a God Who constantly gives us opportunity, reason and purpose to follow His Rules, to seek Him in all we are, all we do, all we hope for.

Our color does not form a boundary of God’s Love. He does not say, ‘The color of a man determines My Degree of Love for Him.’

Nowhere has it ever been said or written He favors men in particular parts of the world. When God speaks it is to all His children, all races, all colors, all creeds, all ages, all backgrounds, all capabilities, all talents, all degrees of knowledge.

All men have One God. All men have His Ten Commandments to live by. All men have equal rights to serve Him, to pray to Him, to be committed to Him in a degree they choose. God has set no boundaries for man’s love for Him.

It is important that each day of our life we look at our manner of living, our manner of prayer, our recognition of God’s Will for us, and we take a solemn vow to eradicate from our way of life impurities of all sorts, uncharitable habits and prejudices against other men that are unfounded, and perhaps only nurtured by us because of others’ opinions, others’ dilemmas, others’ weaknesses in these areas.

God bears no prejudice. God holds all men equal. God is The Giver of life and God has promised Eternal Life to all men. What better Goal can man reach for? The first step is to see the reasoning to change one’s behavioral patterns, habits, and personal ideals, then direct one’s life to the Goal God intended for it: Sainthood.”