Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 22, 1988


“Dear God,

So many times since I was a small boy I would wonder why little things might tempt me in the wrong way and things I considered big did not seem to matter to me.

I grew up hearing the word ‘temptation’. I associated it with areas of life I felt were impure. Now I realize that temptation has many paths to it and comes in ways that I do not always see as impurities.

By impurities I mean, God, impure actions of my mind and my body. Temptations, as I see them now, are oftentimes my desire for success in ways I am not sure are totally correct morally.

I see temptation now as getting my own way, no matter what it costs to others. I realize that I sometimes, in a selfish way, accept my own weaknesses to satisfy my desire to do what I feel will make me feel better.

Temptation is a terrible thing, God, for it has so many facets to it, so many paths that appear inviting, encouraging, interesting, and rarely show the terrible results that can occur when the temptation is accepted, sometimes enjoyed, and then the sudden shock of the importance of what effects this trap by satan that I fell into willingly, caused to my Soul or anyone else’s Soul or anyone else’s trust in me.

I realize that I should avoid temptation of any and all kinds. I need help to give me the strength to think before I accept temptation as being all right at the time or the moment it is suddenly a decision for me to make.

Thank You, God, for giving me the courage and the strength to be able to even think of what temptation can do to me, and help me to not look at temptation as a momentary thing nor as a time of pleasure that I need, but help me to see temptation as a path to Hell, not Glory, for I want to be with You for All Eternity.”


Your Son