Our Blessed Mother

Our Blessed Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 21, 1970 at 10:10 am


“I smile at daughters on this day and I say to you, ‘I bless you in a special way for I am your Mother too.’ I ask each little one here to say the Rosary quite clear. Let every word that you do say reach the Heavens in a beautiful way. I also ask you, children, as you walk your day, once in a while reach over to the Rosary and say:

‘I love You, Blessed Mother, in a very special way. Help me to understand the things I’m to do today. Do not let the evil one enter in any way but help me every step I take on this day.’

Grow in purification so that one day We’ll face each other in a Love that only Heaven can convey. I ask you, too, to join each other in the prayers I love, the Rosary, the Beads I cherish from Above. Do not let others whom you deal with cause you to turn away from the Beads, the Rosary, the prayers that you must say. I smile at each of My children here and I do say to you, ‘I bend My Head with a kiss of Love from Me to you.’ So be it.”