Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 25, 1970 at 11:21 am


“My sons, I ask you to return to the time in which I lived. I ask you to enter My shop and discuss many things that We did. I ask you, too, to think about what I will say and to take it with you every day.

As you enter My shop I say ‘Hello’ and then I say to you, ‘I’m The Foster Father of The Son of God.’ Would you believe Me, sons? I walked the earth as you walk, in My time of years. Then, man would not have believed the Truth I hold, and so it is in the time now. Many men reject the Truth that God does live and works among them, in a way that they could understand if they would but allow themselves the chance, the Faith.

And now I say to you, ‘You know the Truth of life, you walk as man, you work as man, and you do have a wife.’ Remember, too, that many children will look to you for example, and you must walk in obedience to the Truth set by God through other men who walked before and now are called ‘The Saints’. They walked as you walk, as man, and yet one day they realized that many things were not so good as they should be. So, they looked to a Higher degree. They called it ‘Faith’, and so must you, but know, that the way they walked from that moment on saved them from Hell.

There is a Hell, My sons, and do not forget this. But look to the Heaven where you must, where All Beauty reigns with Us.

The child is an instrument of God and works on My Command. You, too, are instruments of God and must work on His Command. He gave you Truth, He gave you knowledge, He gave you Love, He gave you will, He gave you Soul. Use none of these things for all self-love, but direct them all to Heaven.

The time has come and it is now, and God does say to Me, ‘Joseph, now’s the time the world must know of Thee.’ It is not My Will to have this done, but obedience to The Father is all I ask, as it must be done by Me.

I ask you, sons, as you walk your day, to walk it in obedience. Be calm, be peaceful, be tranquil, for then satan can gain no entrance in your Soul, for he is only turmoil. So, when you feel temper or disgust, dismay or heartache, say a prayer, ask God’s Help, and close your eyes and ears to the enemy of God who will work on your weakness and fears. Do not lean on another man but lean alone on God, for man will one day fade away, but God is Forever, sons.

I speak to you from Heaven, I speak to you of Truth. I speak to you through the child and I say, ‘Say this prayer each day and walk in love.’

Dear God, I love You in my way. I know it is not much, but help me grow in knowledge and let me know peace in love. Help me walk each step I take, direct my thoughts to You. Help me be the man You want so I’ll return to You.

If you will but, My sons, use obedience as your key of life, when the time does come and you leave the earth, the key to Heaven will be just right. So be it.”