Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 22, 1970 at 10:10 am


“The little children at My Knees are loved by God especially. The children whose hands I hold — the hands are God’s and they’re one alone. And now I, Saint Joseph, say to you, ‘Walk through life with the knowledge that this is true.’

I walked the earth as The Father of Jesus and I often held His Hand, and when I did We looked at Each Other and We did understand that Our Walk through life, as man, was for The Father of all children. We talked many times of the Plan that God The Father had for Us as man.

Every day from now on, offer Me a prayer. Say, ‘Saint Joseph, I do love You. Please walk with me today.’ I will if you will ask Me, and I’ll protect you all the way, for you are children of The Father and He loves you every day.

Learn to pray to Him each day and always say to Him, ‘I love You, God. Be with me today in a special way.’ Remember to say these words and say them from your heart — ‘I love You, God. I love You, God.’

And now I raise My Hand in a Blessing from the Heavens. I bless you with The Trinity of Heaven.”