Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 29, 1969 at 12:55 pm


“My beloved daughter, the tightrope you have been told about sways in a precarious way. The child hangs on for her life. Since Our last Revelation on this, the abyss has grown deeper and the child is screaming for God. I depend on you to carry through with physical, mental, Spiritual support. The time has not yet come for a Man of God to enter the picture.

If other men in the mystical state could but realize the Magnitude of This Miracle, they would join forces with her. It is not God’s Will.

Her loneliness is only exceeded by her love of God. Her fears are for man, that she would lead him wrong and take him further from God. From where I stand I see all children, and I know, I realize that few, if any, could walk as she walks, but she does not know this.

The day will come and she will be weaker as man, in a physical way, but stronger for God; more humble as man, and deeper in love with God; more insecure with man, more secure with God. Her smallness shows greatly now but it will show magnificently soon.

Trust in God’s Way, not man’s. Trust in His Words, His Wisdom, His Truth, His Love, His Kindness, and say:

‘I offer You my life as You want it.

I offer You my love as You desire it.

I offer You my way. Let it be Your Way.

I offer You my family to lead, guide, guard, direct and love. So be it.’”