Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 22, 1971 at 12:40 pm


“In the silence that you feel today, there are Many around spurring you on to wear a Crown, a Crown in Heaven for work well done in the Spiritual Realm — walking as man, working for God, subject to Him in thought, in word, in deed. I stand High in the Heavens, My little ones, and I look at the littleness I see and I say, ‘Much will be done on earth for Me.’

When The Father chose the child through whom I would be seen, I was happy as she was, but she thought it a dream. The reality of it has been given in small amounts for she could not have taken the extent it must be.

The Degree of The Miracle for Me is one that man has never seen. I heard her speak about the Souls she met in My Way, for Me. This is only a spot that will have to be. Yesterday was to give her strength, to help her face the ordeals ahead that on her own she would back away from. As she stood, many men wondered, was it true, why her, how big is This Miracle of Me? I smile and say, ‘As big as the sky, as big as the earth, as big as the heart she has burning with love for Divine Way, Divine Truth, Divine Love.’

As you sit where you are, the area you cover is a speck in size. Multiply this area by millions upon millions upon millions. This is how many must pass by. The cross is of a weight that no tree has. It is a weight of all mankind. Totaled up, how much would this be?

Her beloved husband must be told the cross is greater than he knows. He must be allowed to see that the work must be done as God Decrees. She spares him, I protect him, God showers Graces and says to him, ‘Never let one act, one look, one word, ever be what it should not be.’

My daughters, a tremendous burden has been given to thee. You are capable of handling it for I protect thee. As I stand Here, I see soldiering, love, prayer, in such a great degree that I, too, feel well–protected by thee. I bless you for it. It is a beautiful thing for Heaven to see. Do not worry over what others will say about thee. Man will pass, Heaven waits, Reward is Here for thee.

The Basilica in My Honor has to be. There will be one man, of great importance in the eyes of man, that must learn how God works. Pray for him to see the beauty of the Plan laid down for Me. The Basilica must stand upon a magnificent hill, overlooking a grand view, perhaps even the sea. Men must know that in this House that God has taken so much interest in, to design Himself, a special place, a refuge for prayer, meditation and growing in love with Me.

I bless, The Father’s Way, with My Will to do exactly what He does say. I smile at the little ones who I know will not turn away. Tell the beloved Man of God how much I depend on him to carry on, to carry through God’s Will among men. I bless you with The Father’s Love, with The Son’s Heart, and with the Light of The Holy Ghost that He so readily imparts. So be it.”