Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 28, 1972 at 11:20 am


“My beloved children, each time this child speaks, Heaven speaks.  Right now there are men in the world who are ready to come down upon her full blast, saying, ‘She cannot be true.’ Heaven smiles upon this and says: ‘Where do you gain your leverage? Where do you gain your knowledge? How much do you feel you know of My Way?’

Oh, My children, I, Saint Joseph, speak through this child in a very loving way, for as you work in This Miracle for Me you work God’s Way.  There are many men who are willing to work in This Miracle of Truth.  There are many men who are willing to give certain things, but how many men are willing to give and grow? Not too many, for you see, man says, ‘To grow in God’s Way, I am robbed of life.’ This is not so.  To grow in God’s Way is life.  To grow in God’s Fulfillment for you, is in all ways, My children, a path to the True Life.

Many men say, ‘We do not need This Miracle in our day.’ And God says, ‘If you did not need It, I would not have sent It your way.’ This Miracle, My children, is to give mankind Full Truth, to show mankind the Wisdom that God wants mankind to have.  There are so many men around, walking in a material way, and walking in physical growth only man’s way.  And God has now sent to the world a child, a Miracle, a Truth, a Way to Heaven.  Please, My children, know this.

This week (Holy Week) that man takes time to pray should be done each week, should be done each day.  Men set aside a few hours to give Homage to God; this should be a regular routine for man and not just a period of time.  This week men will see the Crucifixion, of course not replayed, but through words and in their mind.  I say to you now that men should concentrate on this, not one week but each week of their lives.  Now man has come to face a time of penance, a time of obligation.  This should not just be one time of the year for man; this should be a daily thing.

Oh, My children, as you stand at the Altar to receive The Holy Trinity, keep this in mind: to offer in love, in sacrifice, in penance, obedience and trust, in your way, your love, your life, so one day you will be in The Divine.  On My Miracle here, and in the Teaching that It is, men must understand and recognize that only God could design This Miracle.

Oh, My children, there is much, much to be taught through This Miracle of My Way.  There is much knowledge to be given man in a special way.  There is much to be given to the world to give the world Truth.  The heresy that is all around, the Pentecostal Movement, is not true, and God says, ‘Wipe it out before it destroys even you.’ Those who say, ‘I follow Jesus in a loving way,’ they are following man, not The Divine Son; and Heaven is prepared to speak out against these movements that are so prominent in man’s way.

I bless you with God’s Love and I say, ‘You are part of a Miracle for all days.  You are part of a Truth delivered by God.  You are part of a Great Knowledge, Wisdom.’ Hold fast to It, My children, cling to It, and do not let any man divert you from It.  I bless you with God’s Love, and I say, ‘Work totally God’s Way.’  So be it.”