Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 24, 1972 at 6:05 pm


“My children, man is alerted to a physical puncture. He immediately goes forward to help it or fix it in some way. He is also wise to the fact that a puncture could cause other hazards, deeper concern, and yes, much trouble in the way. Man sees all these things in a physical form and he accepts them as trouble signs, as danger signs, and he is wise to them, and he uses physical means to correct a puncture of any kind. Men are not alerted to the puncturing of the Soul. Many times sin puts a puncture in the way to Heaven for man, for you see, man sees only the physical.

And now I teach you in a way foreign to you, different to you, and yes, in some ways your body yearns, your mind yearns for such Teaching. Through the physical life of mankind, there is a certain amount of learning, a certain amount of doing, a certain amount of accepting, a certain amount of work, a certain amount of play, a certain amount of repast, a certain amount of respite. Man balances things out, first, to protect the physical. Many men do not look into the beauty of the part of their life that is called ‘Spiritual’. They are devoted, they are devout, and they truly love God in a special way.

This Miracle of Mine is coming to the world to avoid punctures in this way, to avoid hazards that men are allowing to occur in the Great Part of each man — the Soul, the Spiritual.

My children, as I speak to you now through this child, there is much dilemma over This Miracle. There are many men standing on the sidelines, looking into It and analyzing It. They are saying It cannot be true. They are puncturing It with their knowledge from books. They are puncturing It with their own personalities, their own wills. Please, My little ones, pray much for these men who stand by and cause damage to a Miracle among men.

So many children are forgetting the beauty of receiving God in a Spiritual form: receiving Him, desiring Him. Children can do this each day of their lives. Keep this in mind, My little ones. So many children forget that communication with God is a Personal Love from Him, to Him.

So many children forget that they do not have to make a big thing out of going to God. It is, and it can be done in a simple way. Tell Him you love Him and say:

‘Please, God, come with me today. I will be lonesome if You do not.’

He will attend you in every way. He will attend all things you attend. And He will be in joy, because He will be in the company of a child who wants Him, who needs Him, who loves Him.

I, Saint Joseph, bless you and I say: ‘Be aware of the punctures that come the Soul’s way. Be prepared to protect in all ways, the physical aspect, and tell God you love Him each day.’ So be it.”