God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 28, 1974 at 9:05 pm


“Once I have spoken to a child, the child never truly hears what other men say. The Magnitude of Me is so Great and the Love I extend so Full, and My Hand so Strong, My Light so Warm, that a child that has been touched by Who I Am, can’t possibly enjoy man or rely upon the fullness man is, for the child is always aware of no matter how man appears, there is weakness there.

This child through whom I speak — a little one, weak physically — stands before hundreds, thousands of men, always ready to do My Will, always ready to please Me, always ready to set aside any man so that I may speak with Wisdom to those who will come to hear Me. Once man has noticed My Way, My Will, man must turn to Me. Men are so used to looking to knowledge, looking to the way of things that men have set as the normal view, the tactful way, the intelligent approach, men are tuned totally to only man’s view.

I have touched so few children in the world as I have touched this little one, for My Power is so Great, My Goal of such Magnitude, that I, in My Way, say with Love, ‘Little one, the task is large, the way will be complete, and the tiredness you feel, if you offer it to Me, will bring you to My Feet.’ There is no man in the world as tired as this little one, and who struggles so much to stay in the realm that man can understand, so none will become weak. There is no tragedy connected to this Great Miracle of Mine. There is only burden, self–abandonment, and love for The Divine.

The child stands in Truth. This she is aware of, and that is why, in laughter and in joy, those who are with her feel a far greater thing than she displays, for when they truly know her, they know that there is pain: the constant pain of listening to Me, the constant concern of handing to others what I Decree, and the obvious observance of My Love from The Holy Trinity.

I have asked a child to walk a Path not easy for anyone to say, ‘Yes.’ I own her totally. I took her heart; she gave it to Me. I have her will; she has submitted it to Me, committed it to Me totally. I have her body, in more ways than men will ever know, for through the body she brings joy to the world; she joins in where she is, she responds to every child, she extends My Hand to everyone, as I Will, even those who would be rejected by other human beings.

I send her forth, and with the wink of an eye, they absorb My Love totally. She says, ‘Now, what?’ And I say to her, ‘One more move in the child’s direction, a warm glow.’ She says, ‘All right, my God, only Thy Will.’ Men try to turn away from the eyes they see, and sometimes she responds with almost what you would call ‘a giggle’, for you see, the impishness she projects is always love for Me, to gather a child to look into her eyes so they will see Me.

I love this child and I love you. My Will must be done. I do not want to bring to the world the Wrath that will have to be — for I have placed before all men through This Miracle of Love and Hope — what I had to do to cleanse in Sodom and Gomorrah. I want no more of this.

So, I do bless you each with a Love you cannot know, but through a child whom I do own — the heart, the will, the body, for one day I will reach out for her Soul. So be it.”