Saint Peter

c. 1 AD - c. 64 AD

Saint Peter

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 30, 1974 at 1:40 pm


“My children, I am Peter. I come to you today to allow you to know what The Creator has in store for you, not only this day but all days to come.

You see, I was to speak to the children yesterday, but the child’s physical weakness was beyond repair, so The Father said to Me: ‘Peter, wait until another day. Perhaps on the morrow You will be able to speak to those who care, those who truly care how My Will is done upon the earth.’ So now, on this day, I come to children who are of great worth.

You must understand that to walk for The Divine, as man, takes much love and a desire to perform as best you can. Bear in mind that to teach what The Father Wills to be taught is special, for through you, you will extend His Arms and His Hands. Through your speech, you will extend His Love for men, and through your ears, you will hear what other men command; and, through their commands, through their demands, you, in the Wisdom you have been taught, will be able to give to them firsthand, love, charity, and be able to gather their thoughts and show them the beauty and the privilege it is to be men.

The Power that comes through this child is one alone. It is tiring to the physical, for you see, I went through it one day when The Holy Ghost came into the room. It was the Power of Love, the Power of Distinction, the Power of Discernment, the Power of Truth, which is Wisdom. This little one, through whom I speak, is the puppet and she does speak, but always the Words from The Divine, truly governed by He Who is All Love, and I smile and say, ‘All Kind.’ This child will stand in a very, very direct way from this time on. She has fought it and she has argued with Him: ‘Do not allow it to be. I am a woman and that is what I want to be.’ He smiles and says, ‘I have not changed what you are, just the degree.’

So now, I, Peter, say to you, ‘You go forth to help, to teach, but bear in mind that what you say, other men will follow.’ It is a responsibility placed on you in a special way. The child will work with many, many men. The child will see their degree of Light, Love, Faith, and many times she will be kind when you will say, ‘Why?’ And many times she will shout out loud and say, ‘Do not do that, that way,’ and you will say, ‘I do not see anything wrong.’ But she, in the discernment of the Power, in the Light of the Wisdom, will perhaps see far away or into the distant future and you will not be able to know why.

But I, Saint Peter, say to you now: ‘Be aware of the degree of this Great Miracle, for in the time in which we lived, The One with Whom we walked oftentimes did things we did not understand, and we would correct Him and say, “Why were You so harsh?” And He would turn and say, “I am about My Father’s Business; you just listen and obey.”’ So, the child will take on this term, I’m sure, soon. She has fought it every day but as she travels that mound of soil, she will see and hear the Voices far greater than men know. She will feel the rustle of the garments, the movement of The Saints, and she will see the Dignity, the Magnitude of The Holy Eucharist, where He wants It to be, where He stands each day.

And now I say, ‘The beauty of the Chapel to The Heavenly One, The Heavenly Mother of all men, must be complete.’ It must show its worth, show its greatness, show its beauty, and show Her in the Heavens Where She is, for you see, She is not a Saint. She is Queen of All, Heavenly Mother, and truly Divine in every way. The Purity of Her walk on earth is proven Here to Us each day. She looks into our humble eyes and says, ‘Now remember, help the children learn more of Him, and be sure that when you do, they understand.’

Oh, My little ones, it is difficult to get through to men when men’s wills are so strong, so straight, so firm and so indignant, where God should begin, should show, should be. This child tolerates much. The child sometimes shouts to God, ‘I feel that I am not tolerant enough,’ and He says, ‘Remember, your tolerance is Mine.’ So, through her, all His Actions, all His Love, all His Will, all His Way, all the things He wants to display, pour forth.

She is but the puppet, He, The Puppeteer. The Strings that she teases Him about, He smiles and says, ‘Remember, My little one, I hold these Strings dear. I created Them. They are Mine. They are made of Gold. Remember this.’ And so, sometimes, when she gets disturbed, she says, ‘Are They tangled?’ He said, ‘How can They be, for I hold the universe. Could I not hold the Strings to a little one that I created?’ And this gives her assurance, for you see, she depends much on Him holding the universe, for she knows He is The Holy Trinity. So, the Strings are firm, the Strings are taut, the Strings are Gold, the Strings are never not without His Hands, without His Love, without His Guidance, without His Wisdom; remember this.

And as you go forth, keep in mind, all children see you differently than you walk for The Divine. They want the strength they see you have. They want the hope they know you have. They want the trust they feel from you. So, be kind, be tolerant, and know that one day they may be walking side by side with you Here in the Heavens as a Saint, and they, too, will glow.

And oh, My children, be aware that this child walks a treacherous road, for her life, the physical one, is in danger every day. You may not see it, but it is there. Men want to rid the world of her, and satan tries it much. He tries to disturb others so they will become so upset with her that they will not trust one Word she says. She looks into their eyes and then they melt, some of them, and some of them say, ‘What is the matter with me today?’ She touches them; they do not know but they feel the Power and it is a Power that no man can know. So, through this child, the Strings send you into the world to deliver all the love you can, with the hope that must radiate from you to every man.

I speak softly through this child. The physical is far beyond repair but she will go on, teach, grow, love, give, establish, and be the magnet for every man; for, through the magnet she is, she will attract children to the magnet of this great mound of soil, and through this great mound of soil, men will better understand what Heaven is. So be it.”