God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 18, 1974 at 9:15 am


“Better they use great pomp and ceremony in Honor to Me, men standing organized, dignified, and in love with the purpose of My Home. My Church will stand forever; men cannot. But I suggest that while they have the time, they use it to the proper and best advantage so that when they no longer are a part of the human way, they will stand in the Reward, Love, and yes, in the Goal I prescribed one day.

Men are belittling Who I Am, What I Am, and are trying to create a common atmosphere, a naturalness in My Way. I am Divine. I am Supernatural. I am The Creator of All Things. I am God. I must be treated according to Whom I Am, and all men must know that without Me, they are nothing; without loving Me, they have nothing; without seeking Me, there is all emptiness; without serving Me, there is no fulfillment in daily life.

The world is being alerted to why I created man. The enemy, whom I am more Powerful than, is jealous of man. The sadness I feel is not for Myself but for man. The sadness is different than men know sadness to be, for do not forget, I have the Power to create, and this no man has. I will create until I am satisfied with the number of Souls I want to spend All Eternity with Me. I am The Father and I have all the rights. My children have but privileges, and one is to come to Me. So be it.”