God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 23, 1974 at 3:00 pm


“Men speak of Gethsemane and they say, ‘At this time, in this way, in this place, He suffered much,’ for He cried many tears, not in disgrace but in pleading with Me, for I was His Father, and it was My Command, My Decree that He suffer the Ultimate Way for all children to see The Holy Trinity.

Again, I have Decreed a measure of suffering — a way, a path, a means and a manner, a child to walk for men to see The Holy Trinity. Men are plotting against this child, as they did then. Men are designing ways to rid the world of her, as they did Him. Men are desiring to outsmart her, as they did Him. Men are performing acts to ridicule her, as they did Him. Men are looking to all ways to decide how to establish a particular way and side against her, as they did Him.

There are some in their midst who say, ‘If she stands in Truth, why do we not recognize the way?’ There are others stronger than these who are saying, ‘Pay no attention to what she decrees, for we will find the vulnerable points and we will diminish her into nothing.’

There are so many parallels to the time My Son walked the earth. This time I have chosen a child who stands strong for a Son Who walked with The One Who gave the physical to the world. And now, through a child totally weakened in many ways, I say to the world, ‘Those who betray her, those who cause foul acts against her, those who deceive her, those who obstruct what she is to do, and those who desire to create around her, harm, hurt, will pay a toll.’ Those who befriend her are not all friends. Those who stand up for her oftentimes lean upon her strength in the defense of her.

The weariness this child stands in is far from disgrace, but to be the exchanger, the treasurer that she is, is a terrible place. I hold her in My Arm for her physical is on the verge of physical collapse, and disturbance her life causes to others’ lives, this is a tremendous Gethsemane for her. The Angels sometimes try to lift her out of the despair of these moments, but her care for those who are infringed upon is of great concern to her.

The child is not bold nor inconsiderate, but fragile, delicate, mild and humble. These are great assets for a true warrior for God. The description of her was not to show a weakness, but to show that great strength can be shown in the smallest seed such as a human being, a tree, and many other things.

The fruit of life that men eat sometimes bears small seeds. The fruit of Spiritual growth bears also small Seeds — Seeds of Faith, Hope and Love, obedience and service to The Holy Trinity. This child bears much fruit: her way, much Strength; her love, much Hope; her will, Great Goal. So be it.”