Saint Alphonsus Liguori

1696 - 1787

Saint Alphonsus Liguori

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 4, 1975 at 7:45 pm


“My beloved children, I am Saint Alphonsus Liguori. Oftentimes I smile down upon this child through whom I speak and I say, ‘Now listen, God Wills this to be.’ And this child says, ‘Saint Alphonsus, why do you have to tell the children so much? There are so many things yet to be seen, so many of the prophecies to be accomplished.’ And I say to her, with a smile of course, ‘Listen, child, and remember, that as you stand in the world in such a little way, manner, you are subservient to God Himself, and you must remember that all things for this Great Miracle in the world must be done according to His Will, Way, Love, Mode, Manner.’

I speak through this child and I say, ‘Men will not find it easy to keep up with her the next days for she will be delivering constantly, instantaneously, momentarily, and yes, in a manner men will have to think and give, then say.’ The child has been put in a position of strength. The child has been given a way to walk in, live by, express for, and deliver to. The child is the puppet God has given to the world. The child is manipulated by the Strings of Love, Hope. No man truly sees the Strings but now I will give each child a Message that The Father wants delivered, for you see, accomplishment must definitely be for this City of God to be built accordingly.

My beloved son, you have been given a great task, to walk with a child, chosen. this child is very deliberate in many ways and this child has oftentimes put you to task. Is this not so? this child ignores the things she knows are not of Him. Is this not so? Is it not so that she can respond totally to Him and walk away from the world? Is it not so that this child can make all things look as they should be and men cringe from the reality? Is this child malicious in her way? Is this child forceful? Is this child deliberate? You are the only man in the world who truly knows this child ’s way. Remember this. But soon she will try to run away, not from you nor from what men suspect, but the burden of this Great Hill is far more than men can know. The child sees beyond the thoughts, the visions, the imaginations of other men, and she is conscious more of the Soul. I will erase from her what I have said, but I have said it so you will know that she is more deliberate to accomplish the end goal than men know. It is His Will. She knows this.

And now I say to each of you, and each of you can take it in an individual way:

First, how much dedication do you feel you have The Father’s Way?

Second, do you truly desire to reach the Goal for All Eternity that He has given you the choice for, that is to live with Him Eternally?

Three, are you willing to stand up to those who cannot believe, who do not have the Faith to believe, who do not wish to believe, who accept only what they can feel, see, and yes, honor visibly?

Fourth, do you, in reality, know that The Father would work through one Soul, a small child who stands strong but always says, ‘Father, let me go,’ and He says, ‘There is no road back, no path of return; there is only one way and that is to save Souls’?

Fifth, five, half of a decade of the beautiful, loving Holy Rosary.

I say to you now, I, Alphonsus Liguori, ‘The child fights ecstasy more than men know and the child does not tell you the dangers she is in by men who are jealous and zealous for their own acclaim.’ this child does not reveal all the things The Father tells her to, for she argues the point, saying, ‘They are not in as much accord, tune, perception, that the instance or the Project demands.’

This child is, has been, one of the most difficult, because she is constantly fighting for man. Soon it will come to a close on this, for there has never been a child chosen to walk in such a way who has fought so hard for The Father to understand man. We Here in the Heavens have many times smiled when the child would fight The Father, because she felt that the child He was talking to was not truly receptive nor truly understood what He wanted. He would say, ‘What a child I have chosen, but I know she will do My Will.’

And now I, Saint Alphonsus Liguori, give you a prayer to say each day of your physical life.

Dear God, let my eyes show Your Love.
Let my words express only the Truth You are.
Let my actions be example to all mankind and let my heart beat only with The Divine.
Let me give to the world what You Decree.
Let my love extend to all men, only to show the Beauty of Your Grace and the love of my Soul.
Dear God, help me to know what You Will for me. Help me to feel only the desire to work accordingly.
I love You, God. Help me to work only for You, to live only for You, and to desire to be only in the sight of You. So be it.