God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 25, 1975 at 11:34 pm


“My beloved children, I am truly The Father of all mankind and I come through a child who knows that I am Divine, that I am more than man’s interpretation of how men can depict, can translate, transcribe What I Am, Who I Am, and all things that I dictate.

The child is more subservient to Me than men know, but she, in her way, has hidden the Magnitude of My Glow. The child is so alert to Me that every moment of the day is and can be termed, ‘a tortuous way’.

My children throughout the world, best you know how a child truly stands My Way. There is so much this child withstands in My Name. I am The Power, I am The Light, I am The Hope for all mankind. No man knows or cares how this child must walk for Souls to come Here. I throw her to the ground in agony men do not understand.

I send her on a mission she dreads and yet does not allow men to know. I am The Father, I am The Light, I am more than the world. I, through this child, bless many children, and in My Action of Love I have blessed the whole world; and woe be the man who stands in the way of this child, and yet men will. They do not care and, in many ways, they fear her.

I love this child. I use her in the manner I know is good for the Will of Mine to be served for all mankind. No man has ever stood in the world as this one. And I, from the Heavens, do not beseech but I shout: ‘Thank Me for the Blessing I have sent. Thank Me for the Love I show, and thank Me for the Gift of Light I bestow.’ So be it.”