Saint Bernadette

1844 - 1879

Saint Bernadette

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 18, 1975 at 6:13 pm


“My beloved children, I am Saint Bernadette. So Many of Us Here desire to speak constantly through this child for We know that as We whisper into her way, she picks it up and immediately does say, ‘Are You ready to speak to the children in our day, Your way?’ We sometimes Here whisper to her many things that she is not allowed to say, but now, as I speak, I want the world to know that another child has been chosen to walk a particular Role. All men may not agree but many men will, in listening, turn to The Holy Trinity. So many times men say, ‘It is but the reflection, inflection and detection in what she says that has made me listen and look beyond the human way.’

So, I, Bernadette, come today and I say: ‘Children throughout the world, do not ignore this Great Miracle. It is not a Miracle of a moment but a Miracle of every moment. It is not a Miracle of just the present time but a Miracle for all time. It is not a Miracle just to give you One Lesson, One Directive, but a Miracle to give you the Basic Truths, the Orthodox Beliefs, and the Beauty of how God truly loves you.’

Be mindful, My children throughout the world, no matter what nationality you are, no matter what you speak, no matter what dialect you know, know that in the translation of These Words, you are the recipients of God’s Love, and through this child all Love is given direct. A human love? Oh no. Divine Love? Ah yes. So be aware, My children of all ways in the world, of all vocations of life, do not bypass this Great Miracle and do not allow this Great Miracle to pass by you. You are blessed, My children, in many ways, for through This Miracle God does say, ‘I am once again giving to you the strength to live by, the strength to live in, and the Goal to live for.’ So be it.”