Saint Mary Magdalene

1st century AD

Saint Mary Magdalene

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 5, 1975 at 2:05 pm


“My children, I am Saint Mary Magdalene. I speak many times through this child. I do not come to condone sin. I come to tell you that it is against Him. I come through a child such as you, to give to the world Love and Truth, and to tell you that each sin you commit against the Great Commandments and Rules He gave, darkens the Light of your Soul in His Way, and it is the Soul He wants to return to Him.

Bear in mind, there are three of you as you stand upon the earth: your Soul, your physical, and yes, your will. You have a Guardian Angel, but He will return to the Heavens Wherefrom He came; but your will, will decide the Light of your Soul and the feeling you will have inside.

I am truly Saint Mary Magdalene. I do not say, ‘Because I sinned, you can sin also.’ I, at one time in my life, when I looked into His Eyes, I found love for Him, I found reality, I found hope, and I found the beauty of serving Him. I followed Him around because I knew there was no other way for me, and you, too, must feel this Love that He gives; for, through This Great Miracle, He extends to the world His Hand, His Heart, His Way, His Love, His Hope, His Direction, His Teaching.

I bless you with His Love, for in doing this, I can hand to you firsthand, His Hope for you, and as I do, I say, ‘Do not pretend to look into His Eyes, for He knows what you are about every day,’ but truly look and say: ‘I love You, God, in every way. Do not omit me from Your Love.’ And cling to His garment as a child does, and as you cling, say to Him, ‘I am here, God, I’m hanging on,’ for do not forget, He never lets go of you; it is you who lets go of Him. So be it.”