Teaching Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 3, 1981


“It’s very important at this time, as you think about the balance of the earth being totally in God’s Hands, that you also think about how translations down through time have come to us and perhaps the translations seemed a little out of context. And, of course, Heaven has talked many times on the Our Father. Now, when we say the Our Father, I hear many of you say it as it really should be said — ‘Let us not be led into temptation’. God would never lead us into temptation.

But, as the interpretation came through, men allowed it to remain because basically men are lazy or they don’t want to cause static. Man is very good at not wanting to disturb the water as long as it’s going very good. Also, sometimes a lack of humility in men do not permit change. But whatever the reason, and we cannot really know unless God would allow us to know, but the Our Father really has come down through time with a misinterpretation — ‘and let us not be led into temptation’, not, ‘lead us not into temptation’. God would not do that.

We don’t know if it came down through a misprint, we don’t know how it happened, but it was allowed. Now we should understand, when we say that ourselves, that God has no imperfection in Him and God would not allow this to happen. So, however you say it, please don’t ever think that God would allow you to be led into temptation that manner.”