Saint Columbkille

521 - 597

Saint Columbkille

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 29, 2000 at 1:37 pm


“I am Saint Columbkille.

Several of Us stand in this room with you today, and feel in the expression of your words and what you speak openly to each other, will be a strength in many areas in which you work together, helping to inform many other human beings on the importance of prayer and togetherness in ideals, because of the Soul that is within each of you.

Sometimes when We speak through This Gift of The Father’s Love, Each of Us Saints thank The Father and desire only for each one who writes the Words or who reads the Words, to find more understanding regarding the Importance of the Reason for which human life was designed, created, and continued for such a long time.

I ask you to remember when you pray, to not forget that one day your Soul will be with The One Who created you and all things, for it is through this Gift of His Divine Love that human life has so many assets, giving to human life the beauty of knowledge and the importance of hope in actions, in thoughts, words and deeds.

Each day Many of Us Saints gather where This Miracle of Divine Love is, and Each of Us asks The Father if it is His Will We speak openly. It is with Divine Love that We react, because of the necessity for Things to be said to aid those yet to come This Way.

There is so little taught or instructed by knowledgeable human beings regarding the importance of Spiritual practices, understanding, beliefs. Do not forget, human life was created to give a Goal, to one day return to The Creator one’s Soul.

As I leave you today, I bless you with the Love of Many of Us here with you, because as human life has a Divine Goal, do not forget We, too, walked the path of human experiences, trusted many things, many people, many ideas, oftentimes having to make choices on what We would do, what We would say, and how We would do it The Father’s Way.

So Many of Us Saints enjoy speaking through This Gift of The Father’s Love, because there is no place throughout the world such Personal Association is obvious, and the credibility in What is spoken proves that We are All close and can hear you any time of any day when you pray.

The Father’s Existence and Will never end, and it is through this Divine Love, though inexplainable, is evidenced in many ways, because the human mind, the human will, instinctively knows what is pure in thought, word, deed, actions, so this closeness in these ways with The Divine can assure you, as you have a Goal to life, you have the privilege of reaching It, using one day at a time. So be it.”