Saint Patrick

c. 386 - 461

Saint Patrick

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 26, 2000 at 2:30 pm


“I am Saint Patrick. I have not spoken through This Gift of The Father’s for a very long time. It is a privilege for Me on this day to speak to a small group who believe in a very strong way, on the Importance of what life was created for, and that is to one day become ‘a Saint’. Any instruction on this subject at this time is a rarity in man’s way. Humanism has in many ways wiped out the Importance of the Purpose for which human life was created, and of course, the Goal for which it was created.

It is sad for Us to see men, women and children of all ages, striving to reach physical goals, financial goals, ignoring totally the Importance of the Goal for which life was begun, and that was to one day have the Soul return to The Father, a Saint.

Though thousands and thousands and thousands of Words have been dictated through This Gift of Divine Love, We still see many men, women and children of all ages, reluctant to understand that human life has a Goal, and yet these very same people of all ages, are ready to work to reach a goal in life, either monetary or social, or to be known as important on some phase, some factor, some interest, some idea.

I ask you, ‘Does this make logical reasoning, when the same individuals never think of Sainthood, or the Purpose for which they were created?’ Ask yourself: ‘If there was no Goal to life, how would I feel? Would not I be lost to only the physical aspects, the monetary aspects, the social aspects, which in reality would not give to my life a Future or an innate hope of continuing my life on in a manner and way of Great Purpose, Reasoning, Reality?’

It is difficult for so many to believe, to even perceive, that human life is of Great Importance, because it has a Future, it has a Goal. So many men, women and children, as they live each day, find pleasure in seeking out goals or some form of action, work, or deed that gives hope, has substance, and will be used where it is needed, when it is needed, and be helpful in many, many ways.

It is innate in human life to seek goals, and seek what We call ‘perpetuity’, that what they have done, what they enjoy doing, will not die when they die, but will be important to others.

I could speak hours on this subject, but as I leave I want you to remember: All you have done today will not be remembered in every detail, but if you use today as one step closer to becoming ‘a Saint’, that portion of the day will one day become a part of a way of life for you, that will be long remembered.

Remember, as goals are important in so many ways, human life has the Greatest Goal, and that is to one day return the Soul to The Father. So be it.”