Saint Robert Bellarmine

1542 - 1621

Saint Robert Bellarmine

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 28, 2001 at 12:54 pm


“I have returned. I am Saint Robert Bellarmine.

As I speak today, it is sad for Me to say there is so little sound understanding on the Values, the Importance of human life, and the Goal that it is created for. There is no place throughout the world that the Importance of human life is being discussed in a full, true manner of reality, except Where We All speak through This Gift of The Beloved Holy One, The Beloved Holy Spirit of The Creator, Who walked the earth as man, as The Protector for The Heavenly Queen, and The Son that was to be born, giving to human life Importance, more than anyone ever truly sees the Reasoning behind this Treasure of a Gift that was shown openly.

Children are not being instructed on what they must practice in the way of speech, attitude, practice, so that others will more fully understand the dignity of human life, but that it is a Gift of Divine Love from God to man. Children are not being instructed in a manner and way, helping them to grow morally because of the Soul they are the custodian of, and that will remain for All Time, All Eternity, representing them with their name.

It is sad for All of Us Here in the Heavens to see so little being instructed on the need for human life to more fully understand The Commandments that were given to man, through a man; each Commandment for the benefit of the Souls that were to come forever after Them.

I speak differently perhaps, but Everything The Father directs, permits, allows to be given through This Gift of His Divine Love, has an Importance in It, to It, for It, with It, that nothing from the minds of man could compete with, or could be as clearly stated as.

Each day every human being should remember they are the custodians, the protectors of a Portion of God Himself, called ‘the Soul’. Some say: ‘I cannot see It. How do I know I have It?’ I say to this question: ‘You have a brain. Do you see it every day, every moment, with everything you say? You have a voice box. Do you see it, do you feel it, are you aware of its presence every moment of every day?’

The truth is not always available to see, but it is important that logic gives support where it is needed, where it is practical, where it is valuable, and where it gives strength to the meaning of all that an individual thinks, does, practices, or gives others the courage to follow and to see the importance of it, the truth as a stable force of how one thinks.

Before I leave you at this time, be assured that as you live in the human way, your Soul is ever present, and your Soul is responsible for everything you do and you say, because your Soul is the recipient of what you are in the human way.

As I leave you, My prayer is: Obey The Father’s Commandments in Their fullest way, and remember that a Portion within you is What will be returned to The Father at a given time, in a given way. It is important that you remember These Words, because as it is human to reach goals, All of the Heavens, All in the Heavens are awaiting for your Souls. So be it.”